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From The Editor | Check Out Americas1stFreedom.org

From The Editor | Check Out Americas1stFreedom.org

If you’ve not yet visited our new website—Americas1stFreedom.org—then please go there soon and check out all that we have been doing. And I invite you to return each day to get the most critical, most timely Second Amendment news and analysis “hot off the presses.”

Of course, there are really no presses involved with the website. After all, this is the digital age. That’s why we can bring you the very latest, most up-to-date news on the right to keep and bear arms without the worry of printing schedules, mailing delays or other factors. In fact, we bring you the latest every day, seven days a week—including weekends. 

Do you regularly read the “First Things First” news section in the front of the monthly print magazine? If so, you’ll love our website’s FTF section, digesting the latest firearm and freedom news into brief, easy-to-understand sound bites to ensure that you are among the most informed of NRA members. From the time of our launch in April to the date of this writing, we had published more than 750 FTF news stories, providing site visitors with the news they want and need. 

For deeper reporting and analysis, you’ll also find three full-length features posted to the site each day. A1F Daily’s staff writers and editors dig deep to produce these in-depth stories, chronicling the very latest and most important Second Amendment news available anywhere. Since the launch, we’ve posted more than 300 original features to the site!

And we don’t stop there. Other regular features on A1F Daily include:                         

  • Commentary from NRA executives, including Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. 
  • Commentary from NRA personalities, including Colion Noir and others engaged in the hot zones of the culture wars.
  • The Armed Citizen section, proving day-in and day-out that law-abiding Americans do exactly what gun-banners say they don’t—defend themselves and their families with firearms. 
  • And various NRA American Warrior features, Fascinating Firearms, Exercise Your Freedom blog, NRA SHARP features, our Carry Life section and more. 

If you truly care about your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms—and we know you do, since you’re reading this magazine—please check out Americas1stFreedom.org. Make us a part of your every-morning routine. We’ll have new news waiting there for you.

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