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WarriorWire | Tim Clemente

WarriorWire | Tim Clemente

NRA American Warrior is committed to telling warriors’ stories the way the warriors, themselves, want them told. “WarriorWire” is our conduit for the unvarnished, unedited reactions of law enforcement and military personnel to the mainstream media’s spin. This space gives them the opportunity to set the record straight, correct inaccuracies and just plain vent.

How would you respond to President Obama when he states that the biggest threat to America is climate change? 

Statements like that are more of a threat to national security than the climate ever could be. The horrifying reality the world sees evolving every day in the form of ISIS, aka the Islamic State, was referred to by President Obama as a “JV team.”  At a time when ISIS was raping and pillaging their way through Iraq and Syria and seizing a nation-sized land area from the two formerly sovereign countries, Mr. Obama proved he does not comprehend an actual “threat” where he should see one.

While the climate occasionally, and tragically, claims lives via natural disasters, ISIS continuously rains down death and destruction on a biblical scale. Death estimates at their hands range into the hundreds of thousands, in addition to their rampant destruction of priceless antiquities and the human history they represent. Add to that the fact that ISIS is incorporating countless other vicious terror groups from around the globe into their fold, and you have a threat unlike any the civilized world has ever faced. 

The earth’s climate is changing—I doubt anyone can point to a time in this planet’s history that the climate didn’t change. In fact, during the last ice age, scientists estimate temperatures over Greenland fluctuated by increasing as much as 8 to 15 degrees Celsius (that’s a 46 to 59 degree Fahrenheit increase, for us non-science geeks).

Neither the exhaust from my pickup truck, nor the billowing and pleasant smoke from my BBQ, caused this astronomical fluctuation in temperature, which somehow miraculously corrected itself without Barack Obama’s intervention. The earth’s climate appears relatively steady when seen in the blink of an eye, which the perspective of humans actually is in comparison to the age of this place we call home. The temperature and weather patterns on the Earth have constantly evolved. As U2’s Bono might say, these changes occur “with or without you.” 

What doesn’t occur without the involvement of human beings is terrorism. 

Mr. Obama told U.S. military personnel on Christmas Day 2014 that “the world is better, it’s safer, it’s more peaceful.” At a time when terror attacks are more coordinated, more sophisticated and more frequent, the president seems to surmise that everything is just peachy.  

If that’s not a threat to national security, I don’t know what is. 

Tim Clemente is a former FBI agent with expertise in counterterrorism and tactical training. He is currently a writer, consultant and producer for X-G Productions Inc. He has consulted many actors and members of Hollywood on the accuracy of law enforcement and military portrayals. He is one of the hosts of “Defending Our America” on NRA News. 

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Rifle Association.

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