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WarriorWire | Aaron Reed

WarriorWire | Aaron Reed

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NRA American Warrior is committed to telling warriors’ stories the way the warriors, themselves, want them told. “WarriorWire” is our conduit for the unvarnished, unedited reactions of law enforcement and military personnel to the mainstream media’s spin. This space gives them the opportunity to set the record straight, correct inaccuracies and just plain vent. 

Aaron Reed is a former Navy SEAL and professional 3-gun competitor for Team Bushmaster.

“What would you say to someone who thinks cops should only use deadly force when confronted by an assailant with a gun?” 

I’d say that they’ve probably never been attacked by someone who wants nothing more than to destroy you. 

Evil has a great deal of motivation and power. Cops are very well trained and they are held to a level that is unattainable by most. Cops are not rolling around looking for people to pick on. They are standing in the gap, because evil is roaming the earth searching for victims and opportunities to take what they did not earn.

Armchair quarterbacks love to sharp-shoot the police, but the truth is, most are cowards who have never spent one second standing guard for their fellow man. Cops are average Joe Americans who answered the call in their heart to protect and serve the people in their community. They are the thin blue line that is in place to separate good from evil. 

There should be no doubt in your mind as to what side of that line you live on. When you choose to live on the wrong side of that line, you can expect to meet the strong arm of the law, and it is very precise when confronted with force. 

A gun is just one of many forms of force that can harm or kill you. To think that a knife, baseball bat, vehicle or other item is not deadly force is ridiculous. Our society once widely respected the law and the officers who enforce it. Lately it seems that there is a campaign bent on weakening America by constantly accusing cops of overstepping their bounds by using deadly force to protect themselves and the citizens around them. Humans are capable of making mistakes, but I challenge anyone to put yourself in the shoes of the men and women walking the beat. When evil attacks you, there is only one option—stop the attack. 

A graduate of Shelby County High School and Morehead State University in Kentucky, former Navy SEAL Aaron Reed served on active duty for 13 years and deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan. Following active duty, he became a professional 3-gun shooter with Team Bushmaster and currently owns three companies that operate out of Shelbyville, Ky. Reed is a husband and father of five children, living the dream and mentoring the next generation of patriotic American leaders.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Rifle Association.  

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