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A Week Of Freedom | November 9 - 13, 2015

A Week Of Freedom | November 9 - 13, 2015

From bad guns, to bad guys, to bad legislation, we continue fighting the good battle in this Week of Freedom.  

Exclusive: We Test The Armatix iP1, The Not-So-Smart Gun: Despite designer Ernst Mauch’s claims of perfection, the Armatix iP1 “smart gun” is a failure in exclusive tests by experts.

Pennsylvania Licensing Scheme Slams Door On Gun Owners: Is New Jersey-style gun control coming to Pennsylvania?

The Armed Citizen® Restaurants: These gun owners protected themselves as well as employees and customers at restaurants.

Harvey Lembo: Alone And Unarmed: Disabled Harvey Lembo is being told to lose his only means of self-defense—his gun.

Cam's Corner | Shattered Snowflakes: Yale students worry about “first world problems” while Burundians are disarmed and killed.

No Trace Of Truth | Failing Their College Exams: The Trace, Bloomberg’s anti-gun news service, flunks the campus-carry legislation test.

Carry Life | Sanctuary And Security, Part II: Church safety and security is a growing concern in an increasingly violent world.

From The Editor | Virginia Sends Bloomberg Packing: Virginia to Bloomberg: Take your money and go home!

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