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Chatterday | November 14, 2015

Chatterday | November 14, 2015

A collection of quotes from this week’s Tower of 2A Babble.

“Now, let me just tell you somethin’. Whether you want to believe it or not, the founders, when they put that Second Amendment together, that was indeed intended for the militia, and it even goes into the other sections of the Constitution, and the definition of militia umm, was, basically what we call National Guard today.” — Gun registration proponent Mark Carman in a recent video, showing his ignorance of the founders’ meaning of “militia,” as confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. For such an absurd analysis, Carman received a White House invitation.

“Australians may be more at risk from gun crime than ever before with the country’s underground market for firearms ballooning in the past decade. Previously unseen police statistics show that the number of pistol-related offences doubled in Victoria and rose by 300 percent in New South Wales. At least two other states also saw a massive jump in firearms-related offences during the same period.” — Australia’s The New Daily newspaper, detailing greatly increased crime Down Under, even as Hillary Clinton pushes Australian-style gun control. 

“It seems that ‘gee whiz’ technology is seeping into every corner of our lives. Why not guns?” — Leslie Stahl in a “60 Minutes” episode touting so-called “smart gun” technology. For the answer to Stahl’s question, click here

“Hunting celebrates death, exposes children to gun violence and wastes millions of taxpayer dollars every year …” — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) President Ingrid Newkirk in a bizarre op-ed in The Hill, attacking new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for his pro-hunting record.  

“Obviously, I’m disappointed. It’s a little unfortunate, in that logic and common sense suggest that it would be a good crime-fighting tool.” — Former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening on the demise of a “common sense” law passed under his administration—the state’s 15-year-old, $5 million ballistic fingerprinting scheme that was never used to solve even one crime.  

“What’s the point of defending the Constitution if you can’t exercise the constitutional rights that you’re defending?” — James Edwards, 18-year-old Salt Lake City resident and aspiring U.S. Marine who has been denied firearm ownership by the state because he is in foster care.

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