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From The Editor | The Truth About Guns

From The Editor | The Truth About Guns

Practicing our Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms can be done in a wide variety of ways, and the ever-expanding world of competitive shooting is such a way. That’s one reason I was standing at the start line of Stage 6 at the 3-Gun Nation Nationals—pistol loaded and holstered, shotgun loaded and staged, and a loaded AR-15 in my hands. 

Photo credit: Lyman Page

Unfortunately for my final score, instead of thinking about the course of fire, I was contemplating how gun-ban advocates would hate what was happening all around me.

The reason: Anti-gun advocates like to blame murders and shootings on guns, not violent criminals. To them, all of the guns the nearly 250 match competitors were using are expressly “evil.” Regardless of who is using the gun—a bank robber or a competitive shooter—it’s always the gun. 

At this match, I was shooting a polymer 9 mm pistol with extended magazine that can hold 23 rounds. My shotgun has an extended magazine tube that holds 12 rounds, plus the one in the chamber. And my rifle was the most “evil” of all—a “homemade” AR-15 with a 30-round mag.

Talk about “high-capacity”! And that’s not to mention the extra ammunition I carried on my belt. In all, I was loaded down with nearly 150 rounds. 

For those unfamiliar with 3-gun competition, the objective is to shoot all the targets on each stage as quickly and as accurately as possible. That involves a lot of running with three different types of loaded guns, shooting while moving, reloading, dumping guns into storage containers, etc. At this particular match, 250 competitors shot eight such stages over two days. In all, competitors fired about 150,000 rounds of ammo! 

Here’s what happened: In all that running and gunning, nobody was shot (accidentally or intentionally), no banks were robbed, no women were attacked at gunpoint, no Wild West shootouts broke out between competitors. Simply put, a good, fun, safe time was had by all. For those who know so little as to believe that every gun shot results in a murder, these statistics must be absolutely shocking. 

To gun-ban advocates, here’s the takeaway: Guns in the right hands don’t rob, rape or murder anyone. Making it more difficult for me and 250 other 3-Gun Nation Nationals competitors—and millions of other law-abiding gun owners—won’t help solve America’s violent crime problem. 

If you want to curb violent crime, figure out a way to stop criminals from getting guns and using them in an illegal manner. And leave the rest of us alone.

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