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A Week Of Freedom | December 7 - 11, 2015

A Week Of Freedom | December 7 - 11, 2015

The media escalated its desperate calls for gun bans, which, not coincidentally, drove actual sales of guns to new records in this Week of Freedom.

From The Editor | Gun Sales Continue To Rise Through Black Friday: Editor Mark Chesnut details how Black Friday set a new all-time record for gun sales.

American Sheriffs Rally Concealed-Carry Permit Holders: Sheriffs across the country support Second Amendment after San Bernardino terror attack.

The Armed Citizen® Kentucky: These armed Kentuckians utilized firearms for defense against criminals. 

The Faces Of The FBI’s Secret Lists: Just a few of the stories of people who have wound up on the Terrorist Watch List.

Cam’s Corner | It Turns Out They Really Are After Your Guns: The gun control crowd does want to take away your guns, and they’re beginning to admit it.

Playing The Blame Game In Colorado: Colorado’s governor blames concealed-carry permit holders for recent shootings.

Carry Life | A Merry Carry Christmas: Stocking-stuffers from “Carry Life?” Why not?

 The American Sniper Shootout: TrackingPoint technology allowed a novice shooter to handily defeat a world champion.

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