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Cam's Corner | Small Town Vs. Big Bucks

Cam's Corner | Small Town Vs. Big Bucks

If you’ve never heard of Powhatan, Va., you’re not alone. There’s not a lot to bring tourists to the small exurban community outside of Richmond—although the Sweet Shop Donut Café does make the best donuts in the state, in my opinion. If you’re a gun owner, however, you should keep Powhatan in mind between now and the 2016 elections. It was that town, and the rural areas that surround it, that delivered a knockout blow to Michael Bloomberg’s plans to turn Virginia’s state Senate into a legislative body that would do his bidding.

Bloomberg poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting the anti-gun candidate in Virginia’s 10th Senate District, only to see his hopes dashed by the pro-gun voters who turned out in huge numbers to support the NRA-endorsed candidate. Before the election, anti-gun groups and politicians like Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe swore that this race was going to prove that average Americans support an anti-gun agenda. Instead, it proved that we’re more than willing to stand up for our rights.

You might not expect a state Senate race in an off-year election to provide a lot of lessons that can be applied to politics in a presidential election year, but there is one thing that every gun owner and NRA member can take from these results: When we get involved, we can win. When we devote our time, energy and donations to the fight for our Second Amendment-protected rights, we can defeat even the deepest pockets. 

But we can’t win by sitting on the couch or staying home. We have to be engaged, and we should start right now. For information on how to get involved, stay involved and help replicate Virginia’s success across the nation in 2016, please contact NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Division by calling (800) 392-8683 or emailing ila-contact@nrahq.org.

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