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From The Editor

From The Editor

Welcome To Your Daily Freedom

Fifteen years ago, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization needed a way to alert Americans to threats to their firearm freedoms. 

To fill that vacuum, the National Rifle Association launched America’s 1st Freedom magazine, dedicated to the firm belief that the Second Amendment is the first among equals in the Bill of Rights—the one right that protects all other rights. Now, some 650,000 of NRA’s most dedicated and politically active members choose to get their Second Amendment news each month from the pages of 1st Freedom.

Yet the threats to freedom have evolved over the years. A monthly magazine simply doesn’t have enough pages to fight the daily attacks by hostile media conglomerates, super-empowered billionaires, Twitter-obsessed celebrities, career bureaucrats and arrogant elected officials at all levels of government.

Our 5 million members need their NRA to arm them with the tools to succeed in the battle for their rights now. They need Freedom to be daily.

And that’s what this website is all about. The brand-new Americas1stFreedom.org exists to provide unique, timely, entertaining, credible and actionable editorial. Each morning you’ll find:

  • First Things First, an accessible daily digest of up-to-the-minute news on firearm politics from every corner of the country.
  • Daily features and interviews designed to provide you with the deep-dive insider knowledge you need to make a difference in the fight to save our rights.
  • Commentary from NRA leaders and others engaged in the hot zones of the culture wars.
  • NRA SHARP features that explore the cultural side of gun ownership, with unique views by, and for, a new generation of gun owners who yearn to maximize their personal performance in Gun Culture 2.0.
  • NRA American Warrior content, written for those who strap on a gun and go to work every day to protect the rest of us. Tailored specifically for military, law enforcement and other first responders, we tell warriors’ stories the way they want them told, not filtered through the bias of the “gotcha” media.
  • The Armed Citizen redux, providing in a whole new way the riveting accounts of good guys with guns who constitute the first line of defense against crime.
  • Fascinating firearms whose secrets are revealed by the curators of the NRA Museums, America’s massive and most intriguing collection of rare guns.
  • And coming soon, expect new features such as The Vulnerability Index (VX), where you will be able to quantify how your choices and circumstances affect your personal security; Carry Life, for those who assume the mantle of responsibility that comes with a commitment to carry a defensive firearm; and Exercise Your Freedom, dedicated to the idea that the very act of shooting itself is a defense of Second Amendment liberty.

While many of our freedoms are being chiseled into smaller pieces by the politically correct, only those freedoms enshrined in the Second Amendment are expanding—thanks largely to NRA and its members. Make Americas1stFreedom.org your daily digital destination for the important news and commentary you need to continue to safeguard your right to keep and bear arms.

See you tomorrow … and every day thereafter.

Mark Chesnut, Editor

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