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Cam's Corner | Teaching Students To Be Victims

Cam's Corner | Teaching Students To Be Victims

Have you noticed the utter lack of logic in the arguments of the anti-gunners these days? On campus carry, we’re told that Right-to-Carry permit holders will become drunken idiots if they can carry on school grounds, even though they are responsible when they’re going about their lives away from the ivy-covered walls of academia.  

Or how about this argument: “I’ll feel unsafe in my classroom knowing one of my students might have a gun.” I hate to break it to any professor out there who still may not realize this, but there’s absolutely nothing stopping someone with evil intentions from violating their “gun-free” policy on campus right now.  

This debate is currently playing out across the country. In Texas, the head of the University of Texas system has come out in opposition to campus carry. On the other side of the issue is John Sharp, the chancellor of the Texas A&M University system. He wrote in a letter to legislators in the Lone Star State, “Do I trust my students, faculty and staff to work and live responsibly under the same laws at the university as they do at home? Of course I do!”  

Imagine that—a university leader who doesn’t seem to think college is just an extension of kindergarten! Sadly, far too many of our university chancellors and college presidents seem to think that a college campus is some sort of nursery where neither the coddled nor the caregivers are ultimately mature enough to be considered adults. Hopefully Sharp’s comments will force some of those in charge of other campuses to reconsider their views of their students and staff.

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