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From The Editor | BANdemonium, Part III

From The Editor | BANdemonium, Part III

Photo credit: Michael Ives

Never underestimate the relentless tenacity of those who would take away your freedoms to gain more power for themselves. 

We predicted back in March after the ATF dropped its scheme to ban M855 5.56x45 (green-tip) ammunition commonly used in AR-15-type rifles that anti-gunners would continue to look for ways to ban that and other ammunition. And we were right.

A perfect example is Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., who is still dead set on banning M855. If you’ll recall, Israel was one of the congressmen who introduced legislation to ban M855 after the ATF relented due to intense pressure from gun owners and dropped the proposal. Now, Israel is back, this time pressuring the new ATF acting director to put a ban back on the fast track.

According to The Hill newspaper, last week Israel wrote a letter to acting ATF Director Thomas Brandon urging him to “act swiftly” on putting an ammo ban in place. He also requested a meeting with the acting director to discuss fast-tracking an ammo ban.

“In 2014 alone, 50 law-enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty, a fact that underscores the necessity of the ATF to act swiftly to keep armor-piercing bullets that can be used in pistols off the streets,” Israel writes in the letter sent Tuesday.

Israel’s deceit in making that statement is nearly unbelievable. Fact is, no law enforcement officer has ever been killed by a criminal firing M855 ammo in an AR-type pistol. Israel knows that. And most anti-gunners know that, with the possible exception of those uninformed ones who believe everything their lying leaders tell them.

Also, as we’ve explained in the past, AR-type pistols are far from concealable, very expensive and very, very seldom—if ever—the firearm of choice for street criminals. So why the big stink over M855? Fact is, gun-banners have repeatedly hit roadblocks in their plans to pass more restrictive gun laws in Congress. But they see bans instituted by bureaucrats during President Barack Obama’s last few years as their best avenue for curtailing the rights of gun owners.

The truth is, ammo ban plans are not going away anytime soon. And neither are those who want to ban various guns for assorted reason. Here at A1F Daily, we’ll keep pointing out these threats as they arise in an effort to make you among the best-informed Americans when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.

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