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Cam's Corner | What Gun Safety Looks Like

Cam's Corner | What Gun Safety Looks Like

The anti-gun movement has been playing around with language since leaders decided to scrap the “handgun control” brand in the late 1970s. Since then, we’ve seen a marked move from overt support for “gun control” to supposed support for the much more innocuous “gun safety” or “responsible gun ownership.” The fact that they continue to try and portray themselves as pro-gun while pushing the same anti-gun laws they’ve tried to foist on the American people for decades hasn’t gone unnoticed. Americans are more supportive and protective of their right to keep and bear arms than ever before, according to a recent Gallup survey. 

What would it look like if the anti-gunners accepted the fact that we’re not giving up our Second Amendment rights any time soon, and truly started promoting gun safety? For one thing, we wouldn’t see silly stunts like Moms Demand Action trying to get Kroger to ban the lawful carrying of firearms in their stores. Nor would we see the full-throated freak-out over laws extending the ability for concealed-carry licensees to lawfully carry on college campuses. 

If Michael Bloomberg was really interested in “gun safety,” wouldn’t he be spending money on ranges across the country where people could get free or affordable firearms training? Wouldn’t he be funding programs—like NRA's Eddie Eagle—that educate kids on what to do if they see a gun and no adult is around? Wouldn’t he be generous in his donations to the Boy Scouts, 4-H Shooting Sports, Scholastic Clay Target Program and more? 

But Bloomberg isn’t putting his money there. Instead, it’s organizations like the NRA that are stepping up to the plate and promoting real gun safety. 

If gun safety is your goal, then education and training are the best tools available. Instead, we see campaigns utilizing the tools of fear and ignorance, and they’re not pushing for a nation of trained and responsible gun owners. Instead, they’re advocating for a nation so afraid of guns we decide to get rid of them. 

That’s not “gun safety.” That’s “anti-gun.” 

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