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Cam's Corner |Muzzling The Messenger

Cam's Corner |Muzzling The Messenger

 Have you noticed the “arguments” from anti-gun activists don’t really feature much of an argument these days?  

On campus carry: “Do you trust your drunk daughter with a gun?”  

On open carry: “Do we really want these ‘ammosexuals’ carrying guns everywhere?”

On banning center-fire rifle ammunition: “If you don’t agree with us, you must hate cops.” 

There’s a reason why we’re seeing these attacks on gun owners instead of arguments against pro-gun policies: We’re right, and these attacks are the “best” that these folks can do. When it comes to campus carry, for instance, opponents want to frame the argument as “college students carrying guns,” because they don’t really have an answer to the question: “Why should concealed-carry permit holders not be allowed to carry on a college campus, when they’re already responsibly exercising their rights off campus?”

When it comes to ammo bans (which are really just gun bans, but that’s another column entirely), proponents are left with an even worse argument.  Knowing that Americans aren’t on board for new gun control measures, much less sweeping bans on ammunition, anti-gun advocates are relying on fear, ignorance and the shameless argument that if you don’t stand with them, you’re opposed to protecting police. Of course, they say that despite the fact that rank-and-file officers, along with groups like the Fraternal Order of Police, have objected to the proposed ban on M855 ball ammunition.  

Likewise, if they can’t attack the argument, gun-banners will attack the person making it. That’s why Media Matters for America recently spent so much time and energy going after my bio at NRANews.com. It was a bizarre attack that accused me of lying about having won a regional Emmy years ago. Rather than rehash the whole thing, you can read my take on the whole experience here.

Since I wrote that piece, however, there has been one update worth mentioning. I actually spoke with Audrey Elling, the executive director of the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. While our conversation was private, after we spoke she was kind enough to send along an official statement. 

“Cam Edwards was an integral part of a regional Emmy® award-winning production in 2003 titled ‘Oklahoma Rising,’ a reporter/producer among a crew of 19. For various reasons, the entire crew was not able to be awarded with a statuette, which is why Cam holds a production certificate to commemorate his role in this effort. Although he no longer works in our chapter, the memory of his integrity and talent remain strong among those with whom he shared this experience.”

This was a stupid attempt to manufacture a controversy, and I think it failed for Media Matters. On the bright side, however, the attack afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with several great people I worked with back in Oklahoma, like reporter/producer Susan Miller, videographer Barry Levy and the executive producer of the documentary unit, Bill Perry. There are lots of good journalists still working in this country doing media that REALLY matters, and I’m proud to call some of them my friends.

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