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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Court To Decide Whether Church Can Raise Cain Over Gun Sales

A hearing to determine whether shareholders could prevent Walmart from selling modern sporting rifles began yesterday in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In November, a district court sided with New York’s Trinity Wall Street Church, which owns 3,500 shares of stock in the company, ruling that shareholders could force Walmart board of directors to review the decision to sell certain firearms and that the proposal to do so must be included on upcoming corporate ballots.

Though Trinity Rev. James H. Cooper denies the church’s proposal is “anti-gun,” many in the firearms and legal communities believe this is a case of activist investors attempting to gain enough power to press a gun-control agenda within the corporation. Even if Trinity wins the case, however, it’s unlikely to prevent the roughly 1,800 stores that sell firearms from continuing to do so—the pro-gun Walton family still owns about half the company’s shares. What’s actually at stake is the precedent that could be set for corporate governance going forward.

“I’d Have Shot Him, Too”

The owner of Miller Auto Sales in Chattanooga, Tenn., had a habit of keeping a gun handy. Good thing, too, as it turned out. Alan Miller used that gun to stop an armed, masked man who was attempting to rob his business in the middle of the day. The suspect was shot once and taken to a hospital for non-life threatening wounds.


One of the shop’s customers, Larry Essex, said robberies were frequent in that area and didn’t blame Miller at all. “I’d have shot him, too,” he declared.

Know Your Presidential Candidates!

Know Your Presidential Candidates!

Not able to make it to Friday’s NRA-ILA Leadership Forum at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville? Don’t fret: You can still be among the best-informed Americans about the upcoming 2016 presidential election. NRANews.com and host Cam Edwards will be broadcasting the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum live from the Music City Center, including speeches by nearly a dozen Republican presidential hopefuls. The live broadcast will begin at 1:45 p.m. Eastern and run until 6 p.m. Learn more here.

Everytown, Lies And Business As Normal

Much like the old philosophical “If a tree falls in the forest …” question, today we pose one of our own: “If 13,000 criminals ‘obtain’ guns online, yet no guns were actually sold to criminals nor bought by criminals, is Everytown For Gun Safety up to its normal B.S.?”

The answer is “yes.” The Bloomberg-funded group’s recently released report from an “investigation” in Oregon—not ironically a state where universal background check legislation is being considered in the state legislature—is nothing more than conjecture and lies. No matter how you review the data, one fact stands out—the statistics are completely made up. No guns were bought in the investigation. No guns were sold in the investigation. No criminals “obtained” guns in the investigation.

The bogus study provides additional proof that gun-banners simply can’t make an honest argument to justify more restrictive gun-control legislation. Instead, they depend on half-truths, prevarication, lies and fictional criminals buying guns that were never sold.

Watts The Truth?

Shannon Watts, the head of Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action, recently tweeted a fiction to dupe left-wing bloggers into hysteria over the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville.

Watts twisted one fact from an article in The Tennessean to imply that NRA members would not be allowed to carry in the Music City Center, which is absolutely false. As always, display guns on the trade show floor are rendered inoperable. However, licensed concealed carriers will be able to carry in the Music City Center, per Tennessee law. Lazy journalists like Dan Friedman of the New York Daily News fueled the non-fire, claiming, “The NRA has banned working guns from its annual convention.”

In the past, Watts falsely claimed “they don’t allow guns … even at the headquarters of the NRA,” and that when it comes to good guys with guns stopping bad guys, “This has never happened. Data shows it doesn’t happen.” As Dave Kopel’s well-researched A1F feature shows, Watts will apparently say anything. 

And journalists like Dan Friedman will apparently believe anything.

Anti-Campus Carry Ads To Attack The Texas Airwaves

Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Gun Sense for America are both poised for a last-ditch attempt to sell the Lone Star State on gun control. Both groups will air anti-campus carry TV and digital ads while the state legislature considers a bill to allow students and university staff with right-to-carry permits the capacity to defend themselves while on campus, just as elsewhere. The campaign is estimated to cost about $80,000, indicating just how scared anti-gunners are about a Second Amendment win in Texas.

Cook County Crock

A comic kerfuffle is brewing in Illinois Democrat fundraising circles. A self-described “… boutique consulting firm with a wide variety of Democratic clients …”—KDJ Strategies—has filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court against Gun Violence Prevention PAC.

Despite an upscale Highland Park address, G-PAC, as they abbreviate themselves, is apparently out of money. The single count of the suit alleges that $26,800 has been due since December 2014 for services to include “… fundraising, (and) event coordination … .”

It’s hard to say which aspect of the unfolding fracas is more amusing: that money comes well before principle among anti-firearms denizens, or that there may not be nearly the support for disarmament that G-PAC founders imagined.

Or that they needed a “boutique consultant” to figure that out.

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