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Cam’s Corner | There’s No Hiding Armed Citizen News

Cam’s Corner | There’s No Hiding Armed Citizen News

The number of Americans with concealed-carry licenses continues to skyrocket, with current estimates somewhere around 12 million Americans exercising their right to carry. I continue to see more stories about women and concealed carry, including a piece from public radio in Michigan that noted the doubling of applications from females over the past five years. 

It’s interesting to note that the public radio piece offered straight reporting on the issue. There was no gun-control advocate quoted, no snarky statement about how owning a gun is umpteen times more dangerous than juggling a chainsaw. The story’s also devoid of mention of “high-capacity rounds” or “fully automatic clips.” Good for Interlochen Public Radio. Our media outlets are still pretty awful when it comes to reporting on Second Amendment issues, so the good stories need to be acknowledged when we see them. 

Occasionally an armed citizen story will attract the attention of the national media. When a concealed-carry holder shot and killed an attempted carjacker in Orem, Utah, the story was widely reported, and not just by the local press. It doesn’t always work out that way, however. Another story about firefighters, who are also concealed-carry holders, stopping a likely mass shooting garnered almost no national media attention. The same holds true for the story of a gun owner who came to the aid of an Oklahoma City police officer who was being attacked. It received local media attention, but none at the national level.

Well, that’s not quite true. What seems to happen with these stories is that while they are largely ignored by the national broadcast media (when was the last time you saw an armed citizen story covered on any of the national evening newscasts?), they are pretty popular stories for consumers of news. Maybe it’s another example of the disconnect between our would-be media masters and us unruly bumpkins who don’t find cause for consternation or hand-wringing in a story about a good guy with a gun protecting a life (or more). Whatever the reason, at least more and more of the local press are recognizing a worthwhile story when they see it. 

While the national press remains largely blind to these stories, we the people will pick up the slack. We’re spreading word of these stories far and wide, and you can always find the latest armed citizen stories on A1F Daily and NRA News Cam & Co. Share a headline or a link on your Facebook or Twitter page, and we can tell the stories the anti-gun media would rather ignore.

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