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A Week Of Freedom | May 4 - 9, 2015

A Week Of Freedom | May 4 - 9, 2015

Between feeling bad about a feel-good court ruling and Colion Noir laughing when he felt like shouting, we defended jewelry stores, honored Mark Vaughan and celebrated victory in Europe. Check out Freedom’s best here:

Mark Vaughan: NRA LEO Of The Year: Mark Vaughan was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the National Rifle Association. It’s worth revisiting his act of breathtaking heroism.

When You Are Not Right To Feel Safe: Say it with us: You don’t have a “right to feel safe.” And you certainly shouldn’t opt for feeling safe at the expense of being able to defend yourself.

The Armed Citizen® Jewelry Store Robberies: Jewelry stores make tempting targets for professional thieves, but these workers weren’t taking it lying down.

Only Laughing On The Outside: Colion Noir explains why carrying a firearm is never a laughing matter.

Carry Unbound: The movement to drop permit restrictions on concealed carry is gaining momentum. See why more and more legislators don’t want your right to self-defense to hinge on a piece of paper.

What’s Wrong With Waiting Periods: A measure to repeal Wisconsin’s waiting period for handgun purchases is on the move in the Badger State.

At the C.O.R.E. With Smith & Wesson: A striker-fired pistol for those who think they hate striker-fired pistols. And that optics business is “off the charts,” too!

Victory In Europe—May 8, 1945: Frank Winn encountered five encyclopedias of World War II in his efforts to put VE Day—May 8—in perspective. Woefully over-matched, he nevertheless marks the 70h Anniversary of the end of the war in Europe.

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