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Chatterday | May 9, 2015

Chatterday | May 9, 2015

A collection of quotes from this week's Tower of 2A Babble:

“Sonja Woods says she came to Capitol Hill on Wednesday because her daughter was fatally shot by a man who flunked multiple background checks to buy a gun due to mental problems. So he bought the weapon at a hardware store that did not require a background check.”—USA Today quote, in a story about Moms Demand Action, falsely implying that hardware stores are somehow exempt from federal background checks for gun sales.

“That’s what New Jersey produces better than any other state: victims of gun control.”—Steffon Josey-Davis, former Loomis Armored security guard whose life was ruined by New Jersey’s restrictive gun laws for making a simple mistake. Watch Ginny Simone’s full story on Josey-Davis here.

“The gun (that killed an NYPD officer) was traced to Little’s Bait Tackle and Pawn in Perry, Georgia, from which 23 guns were reported stolen in October 2011. Nine of those guns have since been recovered at New York City crime scenes, including the gun Blackwell used to kill Officer Moore.”—Everytown For Gun Safety’s Erika Soto Lamb, calling for a new Georgia law requiring stolen guns to be reported to authorities. In truth, the store reported the theft to both police and the BATFE as required by existing law.

“A 6-year-old boy was target shooting with his father in their backyard when his pistol jammed, he lowered the gun to waist level, and it discharged, hitting him in the lower leg. His father took him to a local hospital, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.”— Everytown pads its new “study” of Unsecured Guns incidents with incidents, like this one, that had nothing to do with unsecured guns.

“Make a Different Kind of Mother’s Day Card: Make a special card for your Mom friends asking them to become a Gun Sense Voter. Get photos and craft instructions below. And make sure you send pictures of your craft to photos@momsdemandaction.org!—Ridiculous Mother’s Day promotion by the Bloomberg-funded group Moms Demand Action, pushing anti-gun laws that actually would make America’s mothers less safe.

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