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Chatterday | June 20, 2015

Chatterday | June 20, 2015

A collection of quotes from this week’s Tower of 2A Babble:

“They saw that I was innocent and they saw my dedication to become something. I feel so blessed.” —New Jersey security guard and police officer hopeful Steffon Josey-Davis, after receiving a number of job offers from police departments following his pardon by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. 

“The records must be destroyed after one year. We still have paper, digital and microfiche registrations. We will physically make sure the paper and microfiche are shredded and the digital registrations are deleted.” —Officer Jesse Roybal, spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, on a new law ending required registration of firearms in Clark County.

“You can’t have a bunch of people walking around with guns. … You get enough people with weapons around, and there will be unintended consequences.” —Former President Bill Clinton, proving his disdain for law-abiding carry permit holders hasn’t changed since he was in office.

“If you look around and see all of these gun stores teaching firearms training, there is a reason for that. Law enforcement does a hell of a job, but they can’t protect everyone.” —Don Lindley, criminology professor at Regis University in Denver.

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