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Third Century | Cam Edwards

Third Century | Cam Edwards

Most know him as the host of “Cam  & Co.,” the ultra-popular talk show heard and seen weekdays on NRA News, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and the Sportsman Channel. But a select few know him as “Dad”—the guy who is always ready to take them to the shooting range when they ask nicely. 

Cam Edwards’ job puts him in touch daily with those who come under fire from elite media and politicians for speaking up for their Second Amendment rights. And he understands the problems caused by those who believe that kids should have absolutely no exposure to guns.

Edwards sees the issue from a different perspective—one of teaching children focus, discipline and self-confidence.

“Can we go shooting today, dad?” 

I love hearing those words, although lately I’ve been doing a mental accounting of how much ammo we have on hand before I reply. Still, I’ve never had to tell my kids “no.” We’ve occasionally been forced to use BB guns, but when your kids want to spend time with you, you find a way.

I didn’t grow up around guns, but I’m glad that my kids are learning to be safe and responsible when it comes to firearms. I’ve come to realize that we’re not just fighting for our right to keep and bear arms; we’re fighting for the right to raise our children as we see fit. 

All too often as host of “Cam & Co.” on NRA News, Sportsman Channel and SiriusXM Satellite Radio, I cover stories of parents who are forced to push back against school systems and government agencies who seem to think that responsible gun ownership is cause for alarm. I’m sure the sight of my son holding a rifle would horrify the cultural elites and helicopter parents, because they seem to think that there’s absolutely no way a kid could ever be responsible around a gun. 

They couldn’t be more wrong. Over the years, I’ve met dozens of junior shooters, and they’ve all impressed me with their maturity and confidence. My kids are safer participating in the shooting sports than football, soccer or cheerleading (although they can participate in any of those sports, too), and it allows my wife and I to spend time with our kids away from the television set and video games.                               

I’ve seen stories making the sensationalist claim that gun manufacturers are “peddling” guns to kids. I wonder if these reporters realize how ridiculous that is. Behind every child learning to be responsible around firearms is a caring parent who knows their child is better off with knowledge, education and experience. 

I’ve found that parenting philosophy, so common among gun owners, extends far beyond firearms education. I want my kids to reach adulthood ready to take on the world, not be terrified of life beyond their front door. It’s not my job as a parent to make sure that my kids always host the coolest birthday party or get the trendiest clothes. It’s my job as a parent to ensure that one day my children will be functioning adults, capable of navigating an uncertain and quickly changing world with the lessons they acquired growing up. 

When we shoot together, they’re not only learning about their rights, they’re learning self-confidence, attention to detail, focus, discipline, the importance of training and experience, and the satisfaction to be found in simple pleasures. These aren’t old-fashioned values—they’re timeless.

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