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Cam's Corner | Bloomberg Is Making The "News"

Cam's Corner | Bloomberg Is Making The "News"

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Did you know Everytown for Gun Safety is starting up its own “news operation”? You might be wondering why Michael Bloomberg’s pet gun-control group needs to start a news site, given that Bloomberg owns Bloomberg News, Bloomberg View, Bloomberg TV and is rumored to be interested in buying the New York Times. That question crossed my mind as well. 

Then again, I won’t even attempt to figure out the inner machinations of a guy who says he’s all for “gun safety” and yet tries to keep people terrified and ignorant about guns. Do you know where you learn gun safety? On a range. With an NRA-certified firearm instructor (not Bloomberg). Yet all of the Bloomberg-backed “gun safety” advocates would shut down every range in America if they could. There’s no end to their inexplicable points of view. 

It’ll be interesting to see the media reaction. After all, I remember the mainstream media hooting when NRA News first launched in 2004. This wasn’t real news, they hollered. No need to take us seriously, because after all, we were just a mouthpiece for the extremely extreme gun lobby. You think the mainstream media will treat Everytown for Gun Safety News (or whatever it ends up being called) the same way they treated NRA News? I doubt it. 

With Everytown also funding seminars for journalists through Columbia University’s Dart Center, Bloomberg seems to be tailoring his anti-gun and anti-NRA message, not for the public, but to an already receptive media. Will that strategy pay dividends? Perhaps, if Americans still trusted the media. Now, I think it’ll be seen as exactly what it is—another attempt by those self-proclaimed “Betters” to tell us “Bumpkins” what to think. 

Meanwhile, in the real world, more Americans are becoming gun owners, are acquiring Right-to-Carry permits, and are generally more supportive of our Second Amendment-protected rights. We’ve already heard and rejected Bloomberg’s point of view. 

This article was written for the print edition of America's 1st Freedom before the name of Everytown's news source was announced. The site is named "The Trace."

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