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WarriorWire | D.W. Wilber

WarriorWire | D.W. Wilber

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NRA American Warrior is committed to telling warriors’ stories the way the warriors themselves want them told. “WarriorWire” is our conduit for the unvarnished, unedited reactions of law enforcement and military personnel to the mainstream media’s spin. This space gives them the opportunity to set the record straight, correct inaccuracies and just plain vent.

How would you respond to people who say we should have never sent troops to the Middle East?

One can legitimately argue about how the war in Iraq was prosecuted. Mistakes were certainly made in the beginning after the successful invasion and the reconstruction effort began. Much like every war we’ve ever engaged in throughout our nation’s history, we made mistakes, we learned from those mistakes, and then we put them behind us and went on to victory.

The old lie spewed out by the anti-war/anti-Bush crowd that “Bush lied and people died” is nothing but a bunch of hogwash. If President George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, then so did Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and, yes, even Hillary Clinton—each of whom at one time or another stated unequivocally that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs.

Obviously there was a failure of intelligence on the part of most of the world’s intelligence agencies, which all believed that Saddam did indeed possess WMDs. It was an understandable failure, though, since as was discovered during his interrogations after his capture, even Saddam Hussein himself thought he possessed such weaponry. None of his generals or aides were willing to tell him differently—they were too afraid of the consequences.

Had the success we achieved by 2007 not been squandered by President Barack Obama once he took office and chose to withdraw our military, Iraq would have been well on the path to becoming a reliable and strategic ally of the United States in a very difficult region of the world.

Considering the influence the Islamic Republic of Iran has begun to assert in Iraq since our departure, as well as Iran’s known meddling in all Middle East affairs, having a military presence in Iraq would have gone a long way towards being a counter-balance to Iran. Unfortunately, once Obama abdicated American influence in Iraq, the vacuum created has been filled by Iran—certainly no friend of the United States.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that the American military will pay dearly in lives should we have to go back into Iraq in order to protect our important national interests in the Middle East.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Rifle Association.

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