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A Week Of Freedom | July 13 - 17, 2015

A Week Of Freedom | July 13 - 17, 2015

From Bloomberg’s anti-“gun news” service to England’s murder statistics, dishonesty ran rampant. We shined the light of truth on this Week of Freedom.

No Trace Of Truth | Michael Bloomberg Launches An Anti-Gun News Service: Bloomberg’s The Trace sounds like news, but pushes a steady stream of anti-gun propaganda.

Cam's Corner | Are Our Cities Becoming More Violent? What is to be done about increasing violent crime rates in big cities across the country?

The Armed Citizen® Pawn Shops: The pawn shop workers have relied on firearms to defend their places of business.

The High Price Of Helping New Jersey? Should carrying your Second Amendment rights across state lines cost you time in prison?

How The UK Covers Up Murder Stats: A lesson on what UK crime statistics do and don’t say about the effectiveness of gun bans.

From The Editor | Seattle Looks To Break Gun Owners' Bank: The Seattle City Council is considering a proposal to apply extra taxes to guns and ammo.

New York Gun Owners Defy SAFE Act: New York gun owners know that firearms registration leads to confiscation.

The Real First Man In Space? Capt. Iven Kincheloe was an exemplar of what Tom Wolfe would later call “The Right Stuff."

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