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From The Editor | Ban Antics In New York

From The Editor | Ban Antics In New York

What’s an anti-gun state legislator to do when the state in which he or she lives already has some of the most restrictive gun-control laws in the nation? Realistically, short of banning all guns and ammunition magazines, what’s left to do in the state of New York?

Democrat State Sen. Roxanne Persaud and Democrat Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon think they have the answer—make it nearly impossible for anyone to buy ammunition. The so-called SAFE Act has done nothing to lower crime in New York and has turned law-abiding citizens into criminals.

The two plan to introduce legislation this month that would limit ammo purchases to twice the capacity of a gun owner’s firearm during a 90-day period! Put in perspective, a revolver owner would be “allowed” to buy 12 rounds every three months, or a total of 48 rounds a year. The owner of a semi-automatic pistol with a 10-round magazine would be “allowed” to purchase 20 rounds every three months, or 80 total in a year.

“If I have a cold I can’t buy Sudafed without ID, but I can walk into any gun shop and walk out with enough bullets to arm a small army without showing any kind of ID,” Simon said in a joint release. “I can buy any kind of bullets regardless of what kind of gun I own. I don’t even have to own a gun to stock up on bullets.”

In truth, this is one of the most ridiculous anti-gun schemes I’ve seen in some time. Anyone who shoots on even a halfway regular basis knows that a single training day at the range requires far more than just a handful of ammo. But Sen. Persaud and Assemblywoman Simon simply don’t care about that—they greatly dislike gun owners and want to make life harder for them, to hell with the consequences. 

Undeterred by the failed SAFE Act, anti-gun lawmakers in Albany seem determined to pursue the same failed policies and will not stop until the Second Amendment is completely dismantled. The so-called SAFE Act has done nothing to lower crime in New York and has turned law-abiding citizens into criminals. 

In fact, the SAFE Act had its own ammunition restrictions and required ammunition background checks. But that requirement was suspended after Gov. Andrew Cuomo embarrassingly realized that such a system was impractical. Additionally, the last attempt to regulate how many rounds a person could load into a gun was overturned by a federal district court in New York and ruled unconstitutional. 

As NRA-ILA recently pointed out, it’s easy to see that the two lawmakers know next to nothing about the subject of firearms and ammunition. Manufacturers don’t even package ammunition with such a random number of cartridges in many cases, making purchasing ammo in limited quantities nearly impossible.  

Of course, there are other obvious flaws behind the scheme.

  • It limits the amount of practice a gun owner can participate in. How long before Sen. Persaud and Assemblywoman Simon decide all guns should be banned since owners, because of a lack of ammunition, aren’t practicing “enough” to be “qualified” to own their firearms?
  • It would completely kill competitive shooting in the state. Imagine attending your next USPSA match with a round count of 16.
  • It does absolutely nothing to address crime. How many criminals will really follow such an asinine law—or any ammo law, for that matter? After all, that’s why they are called “criminals.”
  • The authors tout the legislation as fighting terrorism, as if those bent on killing as many people as possible are going to voluntarily ration ammunition.
  • Such tight restrictions on ammunition purchases arguably violate the constitutional right to self-defense.

In truth, such legislation should simply be laughed off and quickly forgotten. Unfortunately, the anti-gun climate in New York requires that we all take it seriously. New York gun owners should make sure their representatives know how strongly they oppose this ridiculous assault on their rights. 

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

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