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Hillary’s Enemies List: Amanda Owens

Hillary’s Enemies List: Amanda Owens

In response to a Democratic presidential debate question on Oct. 13, 2015, Hillary Clinton put the 5 million members of the NRA at the top of the list of enemies she is most proud of.

This is unprecedented: On national television, a candidate for president of the United States named peaceable, law-abiding gun owners, who are simply trying to protect the Second Amendment, as her biggest enemies. She even listed NRA members ahead of Iran—the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Drug cartels, Vladimir Putin, North Korea and ISIS terrorists didn’t even get a mention.

Clinton’s declaration made us wonder how NRA members feel about being recklessly declared her enemy. So we decided to ask them: How does it feel to be named Public Enemy Number 1 by Hillary Clinton?

Today we hear from Amanda Owens, founder of Future Female Leaders, America’s leading social movement for young conservative women. 

Disarming women or placing further restrictions on the Second Amendment will not help to protect these women.My parents raised me to believe that I could be anything I wanted to be, that working hard was non-negotiable and that the American Dream was achievable regardless of my gender, the color of my skin, my religion or my age. In fact, they emphasized that the American Dream was available to anyone who put forth the required effort to attain their own version of it, while instilling in me the core conservative principles of independence, hard work, patriotism and personal responsibility. 

I grew up looking at women’s magazines with features and columns about female CEOs, actresses, politicians and leaders in their respective fields. These women’s magazines became much less fun to read as I got older and began to notice their attempts to indoctrinate women into a liberal way of thinking. These ever-present liberal talking points often included anti-Second Amendment rhetoric. In fact, it seemed that nearly every woman featured was a walking example of the liberal agenda. Rarely were women who shared my principles and beliefs featured in these magazines. This realization caused me to constantly question and re-evaluate those principles and beliefs. Was I wrong for believing what I did? I found myself questioning, as a conservative, whether I would have to sacrifice my beliefs and principles in order to be a strong woman and a leader. 

For me and millions of other women like me, being a strong female and a leader means refusing to claim victimhood, working hard, staying focused and taking the full opportunity we have as Americans to live up to our God-given potential. A truly strong female—as opposed to the version touted by the women’s magazines—is independent, self-reliant, and doesn’t need the government or anyone else to help her succeed.

Now much older, I have found the amount of liberal slant and indoctrination present in women’s magazines has grown. Many have thrown journalistic integrity, along with the truth, out the window and have endorsed Hillary Clinton. 

What most of the lengthy Clinton features and friendly interviews in these magazines won’t give you is her stance on the issues that truly matter. In truth, her track record—including her attitude toward the Second Amendment—is in no way female-friendly. You see, not only does her anti-Second Amendment agenda trample on all Americans’ personal freedoms, it creates a disadvantage for women everywhere—despite her attempt to showcase herself as a “pro-women” feminist icon.In truth, (Hillary Clinton’s) track record is no friend to women—including her attitude toward the Second Amendment.

The glossy, colorful magazine pages won’t tell you that her proposals on gun control won’t stop or slow down criminals or “bad guys,” but they will put a woman's safety at the mercy of a 911 call. They will keep all women—from the student walking home from a study session late at night to the single mom who wants to protect her sleeping children—from having an avenue to defend themselves. Disarming women or placing further restrictions on the Second Amendment will not help to protect these women. In fact, statistically, women are often the ones that gun control laws place at the biggest disadvantage. The average woman does not have the same physical strength as a man, and a firearm is the greatest equalizer for a woman facing an attacker. Criminals know these facts, yet Clinton simply ignores them. 

If Clinton claims the NRA as one of her proudest enemies, what about the female members of the NRA? If Hillary claims to be a champion for women, where is her regard for these women’s safety and right of self-defense? The same women that Hillary Clinton has claimed she will “fight for” will be left powerless during a Clinton presidency once she begins chipping away at their right to defend themselves. 

For the last year and a half, we’ve seen Clinton go to campaign stop after campaign stop talking about how she’ll push for equality, and we’ve seen the magazine spreads about the supposed path she is paving for future female leaders. We’ve heard her claim time and time again in her stump speeches that she is an advocate for women—yet a look at her policies proves quite the opposite, despite what she wants us to believe. I hate to break it to Secretary Clinton, but I’ll pass. She doesn’t speak for me. And she certainly isn’t my champion. 

My organization, Future Female Leaders, and organizations like the NRA give a voice to those who know that Clinton (and politicians like her) does not represent us. We know the truth. Hillary thinks she knows what’s best for women, but we’re capable of deciding what’s best for ourselves. At the end of the day, it will be each of us who have to defend ourselves in moments of danger. As women, we deserve much better than Hillary Clinton as our first female president.

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