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Hillary’s Enemies List: Gabby Franco

Hillary’s Enemies List: Gabby Franco

Photo credit: Michael Ives

In response to a Democratic presidential debate question on Oct. 13, 2015, Hillary Clinton put the 5 million members of the NRA at the top of the list of enemies she is most proud of.

This is unprecedented: On national television, a candidate for president of the United States named peaceable, law-abiding gun owners, who are simply trying to protect the Second Amendment, as her biggest enemies. She even listed NRA members ahead of Iran—the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Drug cartels, Vladimir Putin, North Korea and ISIS terrorists didn’t even get a mention.

Clinton’s declaration made us wonder how NRA members feel about being recklessly declared her enemy. So we decided to ask them: How does it feel to be named Public Enemy Number 1 by Hillary Clinton?

Today we hear from NRA commentator, Olympian, competitive shooter and firearms instructor Gabby Franco.

In this presidential election, Hillary Rodham Clinton has shown me her true colors by openly calling all NRA members her enemies, and by calling those who support her competitor, Donald Trump, “deplorables.” Clearly, Clinton despises every American who thinks differently than her—a trait I believe is a characteristic of some of the worst presidents and leaders in history.

Clinton’s decision to call Donald Trump supporters “deplorables” is interesting and made me a bit uncomfortable. That was not just because of the strong meaning of the word, but for who it made me remember—Venezuelan ex-President Hugo Chavez, a socialist who loved to hate those who opposed his government. Chavez’s most common behavior was to denigrate the opposition by calling us “escualidos.” His name-calling created division and hate within Venezuelans.With her disrespect for millions of Americans, I see in [Hillary Clinton] what I saw in [Hugo] Chavez 17 years ago—hatred and bad leadership.

Just like Chavez, Hillary has shown her inability to be a president for all. With her disrespect for millions of Americans, I see in her what I saw in Chavez 17 years ago—hatred and bad leadership.

Furthermore, Clinton not only declared all members of the NRA her enemies, but said she is proud of that. Perhaps this is one of the most troubling things I have heard her say, because she is declaring her opposition to law-abiding American citizens who advocate and support the Constitution and freedoms of the United States. Despite Clinton’s negative comments, I proudly say that, as a competitive shooter, Olympian, immigrant and American, I will continue my support for the National Rifle Association.

I support the NRA because I believe in the importance of protecting and preserving the Second Amendment. It protects a right millions of Americans enjoy today, which allows me and many others to keep practicing a sport that has been shared through generations, as well as the ability to protect myself, my family and my country when needed.

I have seen the constitution of my home country, Venezuela, changed to accommodate a political agenda—something that has destroyed the foundations of the nation and the freedoms of the Venezuelan people. Today, along with millions of other NRA members, I refuse to look away while politicians choose to play with the constitution as they please. When I became a U.S. citizen, I swore to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That’s one reason why I am a proud member of the NRA.

As a responsible gun owner, member of the NRA, immigrant and American, I will continue my strong commitment to protect and defend the Constitution, the Second Amendment and all of our freedoms.

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