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Email Exchange With Allison Plattsmier

Email Exchange With Allison Plattsmier

From: Allison Plattsmier
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 10:53 AM

To: 1stFreedom
Subject: Article

I have quite a few issues with the article you posted. 

1) I am not a Vanderbilt junior, I am a second-year Master's student

2) The statement about banning assault weapons, magazines, background checks, etc. was taken out of context when I was stating solutions that other people have proposed. 

3) I stated throughout our interview quite frequently that safety and security is of primary importance and it is important to find a compromise that allows law-abiding gun owners to continue as normal while punishing those that are abusing the system. 

Warmest Regards,
Allison Plattsmier
Associate Director of Programs and Development
Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee


From: Clay Turner
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 3:34 PM
To: Allison Plattsmier
Subject: America's 1st Freedom Reply

Good afternoon, Ms. Plattsmier, 

Thank you for your note this morning. Please accept my apologies for the mistake on your student status; we have addressed that, and removed the reference to “junior.” 

As regards your statement to The Tennessean regarding “banning assault weapons, background checks, etc.,” their article left no room for doubt: 

“I don’t think assault rifles should be on the market,” Plattsmier said. “I think we should limit the number of magazines. I think we should increase background checks at gun shows. I think there are many steps we could take that maybe we’re not.” 

As you can see, they positioned your comments as a direct, first-person quote; am I to infer from your email that you do not support a ban on “assault rifles,” or a limit of any kind on magazines, or so-called “universal” background checks? 

If The Tennessean took those comments out of context, I strongly recommend that you address that with them. With 25 years of experience with the issue of gun rights, I am more than familiar with the frustration caused by inaccuracies in the media. If you can persuade them to print a retraction, or if you have a record of the conversation with Mr. Collins that contradicts their article, we will be first in line to help you correct the record with a follow-up post.

As regards your wish to “find a compromise that allows gun owners to continue as normal while punishing those that are abusing the system,” I can’t think of a clearer, more succinct statement of the NRA’s positions. However, please note that the definition of “compromise”—to “settle a dispute by mutual concession”—is loaded language when the discussion turns to gun control: When control proponents say “compromise,” they expect lawful gun owners to accept more regulation, more laws, more fees and more restrictions on their rights—but gun owners get nothing in return. 

I appreciate the professional tone of your inquiry, and admire your spirit of volunteerism. You are poised on the cusp of great accomplishment. If you wish to discuss any of the above points, I would enjoy the opportunity to have a respectful conversation at your convenience. My cell and office numbers are listed below. 

Thank you for your time.


Clay Turner
Creative Director
NRA America’s First Freedom


From: Allison Plattsmier
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 4:57 PM

To: Clay Turner
Subject: Re: America's 1st Freedom Reply

Mr. Turner,
Thank you for the correction. My quote was "some people have said...'I think we should ban assault rifles...' etc. I have already reached out to Mr. Collins and two different editors at the Tennessean and they refuse to take down the article despite the fact it misrepresents my position. I asked for quote approval before it was published and was denied. For a hot button topic such as this I hate to not only have my name out there in the Tennessean but also on third party websites such as yours perpetuating this false narrative. Unfortunately, this article is the result of a 10-minute phone interview that was not recorded so there is not much I can do in terms of recourse. 

I understand your point on my use of compromise. I have been trying to educate myself on both sides of this argument and would love to hear your thoughts about what you think are viable solutions to the issue at hand. I am really trying to offer solutions from both sides during my visit but as I am not a gun owner, I am unsure the best way to represent.

Thank you for your kind words and professionalism. 


From: Clay Turner
Sent: September 27, 2016 at 10:27 PM
To: Allison Plattsmier
Subject: Re: America's 1st Freedom Reply

Ms. Plattsmier,

Thanks for being open to chat. I’m available tomorrow, if you like. Pick a time; if tomorrow doesn’t work, let me know your schedule. 

I look forward to talking with you. Thanks!



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