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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rifle Aiming Stabilization Makes U.S. Army Debut

America’s enemies may shortly have more reason than ever to think twice before picking a fight: The U.S. Army has entered the first round of testing for an aim-stabilizing rifle. 

The technology stems from a Colorado firm named Aimlock Inc. and was recently tested at Fort Benning, Ga. It is one of 50 projects under development as part of the Army’s Expeditionary Warrior Experiment and part of the “Force 2025” initiative to advance battlefield technology for individual soldiers. The, ah, aim of the project is to add both speed and accuracy to rifle type engagements, and particularly those from moving vehicles or aircraft. 

The prototype is at present far from sleek or ergonomic. A final, fielded rifle would be trimmed down considerably, while effectively isolating the firing apparatus from erroneous shooter inputs. Ballistic software would be built in too, increasing hit probability in the stabilized system.

Clobbered By Gun Owners On Election Day, Senate Democrats Promote Anti-Gun Chuck Schumer To Lead Them

Mainstream media isn’t the only institution in denial over the results of Trump’s election last week. On Wednesday, Senate Democrats promoted one of their most committed anti-gun advocates to be the minority leader.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has been one of the most virulent promoters of gun control for decades, stretching back to his tenure in the House. He led the fight to pass Bill Clinton’s “assault weapon” ban, as well as the failed struggle to reauthorize it; he also led fights to expand record-keeping of gun owners, to ban magazines containing more than 10 rounds, to expand background checks, and to allow governments and crime victims to sue gun manufacturers into bankruptcy. 

Coming the day after Pew Research announced that an overwhelming 69 percent of Trump supporters also described themselves as NRA supporters (vs. 8 percent of Clinton supporters), Schumer’s promotion signals the intention of Democrats to double down on their disastrous election bet against firearm freedoms—placing them on a collision course with President-elect Donald Trump and pro-gun majorities in both houses.

St. Louis Alderwoman Proposes Semi-Auto Rifle Ban

Lyda Krewson apparently wasn’t paying close attention to last week’s election results. The Democratic alderwoman is in the running to become St. Louis’ next mayor, but she seems to have missed the loud and very clear message sent by voters that gun control is a losing platform. 

On Tuesday, Krewson filed a bill that would ban “assault weapons” in St. Louis. A companion bill would require that all guns left in unattended vehicles be stored in lock boxes. Her legislation comes as a response to the new permitless carry bill that goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2017. 

“It’s time for us to push back against this,” said Krewson. “The intent of these bills is to, of course, make us a safer city.”  

But that’s not what will happen, argues Mark Campbell. The co-owner of Mid America Arms notes, “It’s not going to stop crime in the city of St. Louis. Your gangbangers and criminals will not be turning guns in.”

A Slice Of Justice: Armed Citizen Stops Pizzeria Robbery

Around closing time Tuesday night, a customer dropped by Porfirio’s Pizza and Pasta in Levittown, Pa., for his to-go order. Following him almost immediately were two men, both masked and armed. Then things got violent, quickly. 

One robber began striking the customer with his pistol, while the second threatened two employees with his gun. However, neither robber could have known the customer was carrying a handgun when he opened fire in self-defense. He fired twice at his attacker, a 30-year-old male. Then, to protect the shop owners, the customer shot the other robber—the 22-year-old brother of the first suspect. 

Investigators said the older brother died at the scene, while the younger brother was rushed to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Police Department Lt. Stephen Foreman told NBC-10, “Two subjects enter the store in a rapid, aggressive, violent manner ... Obviously they never expected the customer to be armed.”

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