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A Week Of Freedom | October 31 - November 4, 2016

A Week Of Freedom | October 31 - November 4, 2016

Everything is on the line in this last Week of Freedom before the election. Vote Tuesday!

CDC Contaminates The Facts With False Numbers: A CDC report prompted calls for gun restrictions in Tennessee. Turns out, it wasn’t true.

How Hillary Uses Toddlers As Human Shields: Claiming that Heller was about toddlers reveals Hillary’s disturbing willingness to hide behind children to mask her contempt for guns and gun owners.

Allison Plattsmier, Meet A Real Advocate: Antonia Okafor: Campus carry expert Antonia Okafor responds to starry-eyed students’ junket to the White House to talk about gun control.

Hillary Targets America’s 5 Million NRA Members, Ignores 1.5 Million Gang Members: 
Hillary Clinton’s desire to “do something” about violent crime isn’t a bad thing. But only doing what works will help solve the problem.

Save The Second Amendment By Saving The Senate: 
Why your vote for a pro-gun U.S. Senate is all that could stop a Clinton White House juggernaut against gun rights.

Carry Life | “Enough Gun” For Carry: 
Don’t pick a carry pistol too small to let you develop good technique first.

Maj Toure: The Real Story Behind The Temple University Attack: 
Maj Toure, Philly native and founder of Black Guns Matter, weighs in on the recent attacks near Temple University.

Colion Noir: Clinton And Her Entire Campaign Don’t Care About Black People: 
Colion Noir and Grant Stinchfield on Wikileaks emails showing that Clinton staff discussed “using” Eric Garner to push for more restrictive gun control.

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