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A Week Of Freedom | December 12-16, 2016

A Week Of Freedom | December 12-16, 2016

We reveal the fake news purveyors at Everytown and Media Matters in this job’s-not-over-til-the-paperwork’s-done Week of Freedom.

Colion Noir: Media Matters “Ignores Everything That I’ve Done To Provide A Platform For People Of All Colors”: NRATV’s Colion Noir takes Tim Johnson of Media Matters to task for his fake anti-gun news.

How Have Sex Toys Become The Symbol Of The Anti-Campus-Carry Movement?: NRATV Host Cam Edwards explores planned anti-campus-carry shenanigans at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Nevada Gun Control: It’s Never Enough: Just a month after Nevada’s new “universal” background check law, anti-gunners are pushing for more restrictions.

Obama Takes One Last Shot At American Gun Owners: President Obama takes a last jab at gun owners by sending the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty to the U.S. Senate.

The Armed Citizen® | Pregnant Women: Seven stories of pregnant women exercising their God-given right of self-defense.

Exercise Your Freedom | Understanding “Condition”: Gun safety works best if you are knowledgeable about some operational specifics. Understanding “condition” helps.

Europe's Refugee Crisis: In a brand-new episode of “Frontlines” on NRATV, LtCol Oliver North reports on the refugee crisis in Austria, and the corresponding boom in gun sales.

Everytown’s List Of School Shootings Is Not Worth The Paper It's Printed On: Editor Mark Chesnut explores Everytown For Gun Safety’s fake news ploy to deceive people into believing that mass murders at elementary schools are a weekly occurrence.

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