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Chatterday | Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chatterday | Saturday, December 3, 2016

A collection of quotes from this week’s Tower of 2A Babble.

“People are turned into criminals because of the confusing patchwork of laws around the country … law-abiding citizens should be able to exercise their constitutional right regardless of what state they’re sitting in.” — NRA Spokesperson Jennifer Baker on proposed national Right-to-Carry Reciprocity legislation—which Democrats have vowed to filibuster.

“I can tell you anecdotally we’re seeing a number of shootings involving concealed-carry permit holders—many of whom have extensive criminal records—but I’m not allowed to tell you how many or whom, because the law has been carefully written to prevent analysis of that information.” — Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, refusing to provide any evidence for his ludicrous claim, and at the same time conveniently ignoring that convicted criminals are prohibited by federal law from even owning guns, let alone obtaining carry licenses. 

“None of my colleagues or myself [sic] think that’s a good idea.” — Ohio State University President Michael Drake, speaking out against campus carry despite the fact that it was a firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen that stopped Monday’s terrorist attack.

“Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning.” — Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, after a terrorist attacked 11 Ohio State students with a car and a knife.

“Guns cause gun deaths. The more guns, the more gun deaths. Period.”The Harvard Political Review, which apparently never got the memo that while gun sales have risen, crime has dropped

“I don’t think it should be something where they are prohibited because of the fact they can't afford to pay for it.” — Firearms instructor Kimberly Black, regarding legislation introduced in Texas that would eliminate the concealed-carry permit license fee currently required to exercise your constitutionally protected right to self-defense.


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