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Chatterday | February 13, 2016

Chatterday | February 13, 2016

A collection of quotes from this week's Tower of 2A Babble.

“Oh my gosh, background checks! Oh my gosh, they’ll come for your guns!” — Hillary Clinton, mocking NRA members after saying earlier in New Hampshire that she would consider Australian-style gun control—which resulted in the confiscation and destruction of 650,000 firearms.

“It was bewildering, but it is what it is. But it makes it harder for people to have fun.” — Townsville Crocodiles General Manager Rob Honan on the Queensland, Australia, Police Service confiscating his NBL basketball team’s t-shirt “cannon” after classifying it as a “Class B” weapon. 

“I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters.” — Ultra-arrogant former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his possible entry into the 2016 presidential race, pompously assuming that his rhetoric will somehow raise the level of discourse. 

“What does it take to stop a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun. This is a call for self-defense under the law.” —  Robert A. Lovingood, vice chair of the San Bernardino, Calif., County Board of Supervisors, in an editorial for the Victorville Daily Press

 “If this guy didn't come out and come to the aid of the officer, this officer would have had significant problems. There were 40 kids. If it wasn't for the Good Samaritan stepping forward, he'd have been dead meat.” — Upper Darby, Pa., Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood on an armed citizen saving the life of one of his officers.  

“That was absolutely the wrong response to this hero. However, that decision was overruled by higher-ups, and he now has his job back. His quick action using a licensed handgun on the attacker undoubtedly saved this woman's life.” — Warren, Mich., Mayor Jim Fouts on the firing of a General Motors valet after he drew his gun to save the life of a woman being viciously stabbed.

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