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Cam's Corner | Baltimore's Homicide Record

Cam's Corner | Baltimore's Homicide Record

Baltimore hit a grim record in 2015—the city recorded its highest homicide rate per capita in history. The 344 homicides were nine fewer than the 353 recorded in 1993, but the city also has about 100,000 fewer residents than it did in the early 1990s. And even though Maryland passed a sweeping round of anti-gun laws in 2013 that have done nothing to stem the tide of violence, the Baltimore Sun reports that some in the city have “renewed their call” for even more anti-gun legislation.  

It would seem funny if it weren’t so sad—and so deadly serious. Good men and women in the city are already denied their ability to legally carry a firearm for personal protection. After all, Maryland is a “may-issue” state when it comes to Right-to-Carry licenses, and self-defense isn’t seen as a valid reason to get a license unless you can document a specific threat against your life.  

Meanwhile, the street thugs and career criminals who inflict such damage on their own neighborhoods have no qualms about breaking the state’s gun laws (not to mention the laws against aggravated assault, carjacking, home invasion and murder). It’s counterproductive to keep aiming new laws at people who aren’t responsible for violent crime, but it allows the politicians in charge to say they’re “doing something.” It’s up to voters to demand elected officials who will actually do something that works.

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