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A Week Of Freedom | February 1 - 5 2016

A Week Of Freedom | February 1 - 5 2016

In the face of terrorism, are you a sheepdog or a victim? Find out in this Week of Freedom.

Terrorists v. Sheepdogs: Be prepared for danger or live your life in a threat-free utopia: You decide.

How El Chapo Got His Gun: El Chapo is just the latest cartel killer to be armed through the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious. 

The Armed Citizen® The 1960s: These armed citizens saved their own lives and the lives of others in the ’60s.

Shameless Bloomberg’s Sham Studies: Everytown for Gun Safety conducts new study with few common variables and no sense.

Cam's Corner | The Problem With Our Justice System: Cam Edwards takes a look at our justice system.

From The Editor | Silence From The White House: Why the president fears honest debate on guns.

Carry Life | Carry Care—Mind The Ammunition: The cartridges in your carry firearm may save lives. Look after ’em, then.

Confidence Game: A close-up drill may improve your distance shooting more than you expect. It’s fun, too.

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