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A Week Of Freedom | February 29 - March 4, 2016

A Week Of Freedom | February 29 - March 4, 2016

Despair over Chicago’s horrific murder rate, currently double that of last year’s, threatened to stain an entire Week of Freedom. 

“Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn’t pass a polygraph, but she’s already got a litmus test. And she flunks both!”: Wayne LaPierre addressed the CPAC crowd with the truth about Hillary Clinton and Election 2016.

Only Gun Honesty Will Cure Chicagoland: Frank Miniter explores Chicago’s burgeoning murder rate and what city leaders are not doing to stop it.

The Armed Citizen® Wal-Mart: While America’s largest retailer offers good prices, some visitors have crime on their minds. That’s where the armed citizen steps in.

How The New York Times Let The Truth Leak Out: The gun-ban movement’s complete plans—unveiled in The New York Times.

The Professor Is Coming! The Professor Is Coming! In the home of the Shot Heard ’Round The World, a Harvard prof wants to confiscate arms.

Pandora’s Box: Connecticut Lawsuit Seeks To Expose Gun Industry To Crippling Litigation: A new and absurd legal theory threatens your Second Amendment rights.

Carry Life | The Three P’s, Part II: For carry or any handgun shooting, press those thumbs for speed and greater accuracy.

Cam’s Corner | Why I Can’t Stomach The Oscars: Cam Edwards takes a look at the hypocritical entertainers at this year’s Oscars.

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