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From The Editor | Pro-Gun Legislation On The Move In Oklahoma

From The Editor | Pro-Gun Legislation On The Move In Oklahoma

Working for a magazine that deals with Second Amendment issues on a nationwide basis, it’s not often that I get to report on happenings in my home state of Oklahoma. So when I have the opportunity to do so, I jump at the chance.

This week, three important pieces of pro-gun legislation were passed in committee and will soon be considered by the Oklahoma Senate. And we need the help of all fellow Oklahomans to make sure all three are approved and signed into law.

The most high-profile measure is House Bill 3098. Sponsored by Republican state Rep. Jeff Coody, the proposal would allow for the open carry of a handgun without having to obtain a permit. This bill, often referred to as “permitless” carry or constitutional carry, would allow law-abiding citizens to open carry a firearm on their person without the fees associated with obtaining a carry permit. Contrary to what detractors of the measure say, HB 3098 does nothing to change the current permitting process in the state of Oklahoma for those individuals who still prefer to conceal carry a firearm and receive reciprocity in other states.

As Rep. Coody told the Norman Transcript, “In 30 other states people can carry out in the open without a permit, without asking permission and without paying a tax to the government, and it’s not been an issue in other states.”

On another important issue, current Oklahoma law states that it is only legal for Oklahomans to hunt with a suppressor as long as they are on private property with permission from the landowner. In recent years, the use of suppressors has seen significant growth as more shooters and sportsmen learn of their benefits. HB 2637 would revise current law and allow Oklahomans the freedom to hunt with suppressors on both public and private land.

Lastly, House Joint Resolution 1009 makes a critical improvement to the current Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment in Oklahoma’s Constitution. This is a measure that provides the strongest possible protection for individual gun rights, guaranteeing in the state constitution our right to keep and bear arms against any infringements or restrictions for us and future generations of Oklahomans. 

All proposed restrictions to any of your fundamental rights should be subject to a standard that ensures the strongest possible protection for that right, especially your Second Amendment rights.

All three of these measures are important to guarding the Second Amendment rights of Oklahoma hunters, shooters and gun owners. And all three deserve all the support they can get from those who treasure our right to keep and bear arms.

Use Your Power!

It is important that state senators know how their constituents feel about these important measures. NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action encourages all Oklahomans who value their right to keep and bear arms to contact their senators and ask them to support House Bill 3098, House Bill 2637 and House Joint Resolution 1009 by clicking here.

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