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Cam's Corner | Is Hillary Losing The Left By Lying?

Cam's Corner | Is Hillary Losing The Left By Lying?

Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I know that by now, “Hillary Clinton Lies About Guns” is a dog-bites-man story. Nothing really shocking there, right? Well, how about if the article in question comes from the website Salon, a publication not exactly known for its pro-Second Amendment stance? Salon is the latest to point out that Hillary 2016 sounds a lot different than Hillary 2008 when it comes to the issue of our right to keep and bear arms.

The Hillary of 2008 hit Barack Obama for wanting more gun laws, while the Hillary of 2016 has declared war on gun owners, the NRA and firearm manufacturers. Oh, and Bernie Sanders too, because the Hillary of 2016 needs to somehow stand out from the socialist, and her ties to Wall Street aren’t exactly a selling point in this election. Portraying herself as the “One True Anti-Gun Candidate” is a way of positioning herself (note that it hasn’t really helped her politically, as Sanders has won seven straight contests, even as Clinton and the media try to make issue of Sanders and his past vote in favor of the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act). 

The Hillary of 2016 is also running like hell from the Hillary of 1996, who talked about a rise of young “super-predators” who “must be brought to heel.” Now, because Clinton has been targeted by Black Lives Matter activists for those remarks, she won’t say a word about the individuals actually responsible for committing violent crimes (even though it should go without saying that violent criminals come in all shapes, sizes and races). In a recent column for PennLive.com, Clinton laid out a number of steps she’d take to further restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners without ever mentioning how she’d take on the actual violent criminals responsible for the mayhem and chaos on some city streets. 

The good people in those bad neighborhoods deserve so much more. For starters, they deserve the truth. Clinton says that too many mothers have suffered the unimaginable loss of their children, and that the senseless deaths need to stop. On that she is absolutely right. But her proposed solutions are aimed in the wrong direction. They’re the continuation of a wrong-headed policy focused on the supply of guns instead of demand among criminals, and they offer absolutely no real hope to grieving mothers, worried parents and scared children in these hard-hit neighborhoods. 

I know this because for nearly a decade before I met them, my wife and my two oldest kids lived in Camden, N.J. During a few of those years, Camden was the murder capital of the United States. My wife regularly heard gunfire, and regularly saw the police in her neighborhood. I know how easily she or my kids could have become victims of random violence, and I’m thankful every day that I didn’t lose any of my loved ones before I even had a chance to meet them. The Hillary of 2008 hit Barack Obama for wanting more gun laws, while the Hillary of 2016 has declared war on gun owners, the NRA and firearm manufacturers.

In order for my wife to be able to protect herself legally, she would have had to make multiple trips to the police department to acquire the necessary permits. She would have had to pay hundreds of dollars in fees and wait for months to get the OK to purchase a single handgun from a gun store. She would have had to do this while going to college, working and raising two children, all while relying on public transportation to get around. It simply wasn’t going to happen. The deck was stacked against her, just like the deck continues to be stacked against good people in bad neighborhoods in cities across the country. And Clinton wants to make it even harder for those solid citizens, while completely ignoring the criminals who prey on them.

Clinton has now been reduced to blaming guns from Vermont for “committing crimes in New York.” Honest. Guns are committing crimes, according to Clinton—not human beings. Clinton isn’t being honest about the problem, and because of that she has no chance of offering any real solutions. 

Focus on the core group of offenders in every community, and you can make life better for all. Continue to crack down and make life harder for legal gun owners, and you’ll just empower violent criminals.

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