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A Week Of Freedom | April 11 - 15 2016

A Week Of Freedom | April 11 - 15 2016

This Week of Freedom considers how to respond to attacks in churches; responds to Cosmo’s attack on men bearing arms; and blows up a blog attacking seniors as being too old to defend themselves with a gun.  

The Vulnerability Index: Whats Your VX In Church?: Churches, synagogues and temples are sanctuaries of peace, love and forgiveness—qualities that attract predators as well as parishoners.

Cosmopolitan Continues Its Attacks On Gun-Owning Men: Cosmo: How to empower women by leaving them defenseless.

Sinjar: The Dead City: Sinjar is a warning to the civilized world: This is what ISIS would do to your cities.

Cam's Corner | Is Hillary Losing The Left By Lying? Even media unfriendly to the Second Amendment are reporting on Hillary Clinton’s lies about guns.

Gawker Thinks You’re Too Old To Defend Yourself: Clay Turner looks at Gawker’s claim that senior citizens are too old to defend themselves with firearms.

The Armed Citizen® Bears: These armed citizens protected themselves from harm with their right to keep and bear arms.

Exercise Your Freedom | Shoot/Don’t Shoot: Traditional practice may not prepare us very well for the decisions actual danger may require.

Oklahoma “Permitless” Open Carry Advances: Legislation would roll back Oklahoma permit requirement to openly carry a firearm for self-defense.

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