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A Week Of Freedom | March 28 - April 1

A Week Of Freedom | March 28 - April 1

From exposing repackaged gun-control schemes to shining the light of liberty on Hillary Clinton’s billionaire anti-gun donors, our A1F Daily contributors “Crushed” it in this Week of Freedom.

Damaged Goods: “Universal” background checks are nothing more than a flawed product in new packaging.

Crushed: So: Why DON’T we treat guns like cars? (Or vice versa?)

The Armed Citizen® New York City: There are some in the city who see past the prevailing rhetoric and are taking safety into their own hands.

Cam's Corner | Where America Stands On Guns: More Americans are embracing their right to keep and bear arms, despite what media says.

Banking On Hillary: Anti-gun billionaire George Soros brings big bucks to Clinton’s campaign.

MOS Definitely: Only serious dis- or misinformation should keep you from an earnest trial of a Modular Optics System (MOS) Glock.

Political Report | Back To The Future: Anti-Gunners Again Look To The Courts With Dollar Signs In Their Eyes: Anti-gunners oppose the PLCAA because it treats firearm industry like any other business.

From The Editor | Terrorism And The Armed Citizen: Gun-free zones lack armed citizens, making them a dream come true for terrorists.

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