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A Week Of Freedom | May 9 - 13, 2016

 A Week Of Freedom | May 9 - 13, 2016

This week saw more than its fair share of anti-gun hot air—from celebrities, politicians and so-called experts alike.

Are 141 Medical Groups Really Anti-Gun?: How Doctors for America shamelessly padded its list to make it look like doctors support CDC gun control research.

Everytown's Latest Celebrity Mouthpiece Falls Flat: Frank Miniter explores the ridiculous anti-gun antics of so-called “comedian” Amy Schumer.

What Does Obama's Plan For Smart Guns Look Like?: Even if “smart gun” technology was a proven, flawless and currently available technology, a mandate would still be a ban on every existing handgun.

Cam's Corner | Julianne Moore Marches Misguided Moms: Cam Edwards explores the hypocrisy of gun-banners who say they are only advocating “gun safety.”

From The Editor | President Hillary Clinton’s First Day In Office: We don’t have to guess what Hillary Clinton’s first day in office would be like—she already bragged about it.

The Armed Citizen® Wild Animal Attacks, Part 2: Not all animals are man’s best friends: Armed citizens saved the day from these wild creatures.

Exercise Your Freedom | Targets Good And Bad: There are lots of things you shouldn’t shoot—duh—but some of them are designed and sold as targets.

Obama Seeks To Ban Gun Ownership For Millions Of Social Security Recipients: Obama Social Security gun ban could disarm millions who pose no threat to anyone.

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