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A Week Of freedom | May 23 - 28, 2016

A Week Of freedom | May 23 - 28, 2016

Illustration by T.S. Jessell

We explore Hillary Clinton’s naked ambition for power in this “I Wish I Could Unsee That!” Week of Freedom.

Hillary Clinton Runs Against Gun Rights Because She Has To: Hillary Clinton had no choice but to become the most anti-gun presidential candidate ever.

Naked Ambition: Hillary Clinton’s claim about Vermont guns in New York proves she’ll say anything to get elected.

President's Column | Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Met A Gun Control Idea She Hasn’t Liked: NRA President Allan Cors warns of Hillary Clinton’s gun control initiatives if she were to become president.

Cam's Corner | The Pages Of History: What old magazines can tell you about culture and how times, and your rights, have changed.

From The Editor | Harvey Lembo Bill Becomes Law: A measure to help protect those in public-subsidized housing in Maine has been signed into law.

The Armed Citizen® | Chicago: These Chicagoans protected themselves, their families and customers despite the city’s strict gun laws.

Exercise Your Freedom | Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield M&P: Guns & Gear Editor Frank Winn reviews the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield M&P.

The Protest That Never Was: Despite the hype, anti-gunners mustered a pitiful number of protesters at the NRA Annual Meetings. Did they achieve their goal anyway?

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