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From The Editor | President Hillary Clinton’s First Day In Office

From The Editor | President Hillary Clinton’s First Day In Office

With Hillary Clinton continuing to lead Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary, there’s a better than even chance that, if she’s not finally indicted over her email scandal, she’ll be the Democrat candidate in the general election this fall. That means that if NRA members and other gun owners choose, for one reason or another, to sit this election out, Clinton could very well be the next occupant of the White House.

That prospect is a scary one, and not because we don’t know what she would do as president. The most frightening part is that we do know what she would do—she’s been more than happy to brag about it over the past few months.

Consider with me what Clinton’s first day in office might look like. After settling in with a cup of coffee and receiving a daily briefing, perhaps she would meet with some advisers to work on a strategy to get the economy back on track and more Americans back to work. Maybe next she’d have a meeting with some top military brass to discuss how to best formulate an effective plan to battle ISIS terrorists who are intent on killing Americans both abroad and at home. She might then begin working on a strategy to try to reunite American citizens after President Barack Obama’s eight years in office left our nation more fractured than any time in the past several decades. Perhaps after lunch, she’d call in her IT staff to see about setting up a personal email server where she could continue to receive classified government emails, since that, despite being illegal, worked out so well for her as secretary of state.

In truth, however, we don’t even have to speculate on what she would do. She gave the world her first-day itinerary during an April 25 “town hall” meeting hosted by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Her first order of business—take on the 5 million law-abiding members of the National Rifle Association of America.

“I really support everything President Obama said he would do through regulation on guns but we're going to start the very first day and tackle the gun lobby to try to reduce the outrageous number of people who are dying from gun violence in our country,” Clinton said. (Emphasis added.)

It’s interesting that Clinton, who claims to be so appalled at violent criminals killing innocent people, didn’t say that on her first day she would tackle violent criminals. She didn’t say she would tackle a revolving-door justice system that often lets extremely dangerous people right back out onto the streets, even after committing heinous crimes. She didn’t say she’d tackle the violent criminal drug gangs that regularly unleash murder and mayhem in nearly every city in our nation. She didn’t say she’d tackle ISIS-inspired terrorist who want to see us dead and our country destroyed. 

No, she chose you and me as her primary target—law-abiding Americans who simply want to quietly practice our constitutional freedoms in peace, without interference from her and her gun-ban buddies.

The reason she chose the focus she did is she sees us as the problem—not the violent criminals who actually illegally misuse firearms to terrorize others. She even said on a recent campaign stop that she wants to “change” us.

“I am here to tell you I will use every single minute of every day … looking for ways we can save lives, that we can change the gun culture,” she told a fawning crowd at a Hartford, Conn., campaign stop. (Emphasis added.)

In fact, Clinton, as President Obama before her, has mistakenly blamed the historical American tradition and constitutionally protected right of keeping and bearing arms for what is actually the fault of a violent criminal element whose members don’t blink at killing innocent citizens to get what they want.

This disconnect, which somehow equates law-abiding citizens with criminals, could be referred to as the “gun-ban culture,” and that’s the culture we need to change in America. We simply can’t afford another four or eight years of this “gun-ban culture” being operated out of the Oval Office.

Of course we have an opportunity to make sure this doesn’t happen and that Clinton never again resides at the White House. NRA members, along with their families and friends, must get involved in the Association’s efforts to secure a victory for gun owners this fall. At the bare minimum, gun owners must ensure that they and their loved ones are registered to vote. For those that can contribute more to our fight for freedom, NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Division can connect you with volunteer opportunities anywhere in the country, and NRA has made it easier than ever to participate in these efforts.

Please join me in keeping Clinton and the “gun-ban culture” out of the White House, not only for our sake, but for that of future generations of Americans.

Use Your Power!

The November election is quickly approaching. To register to vote or explore further opportunities to help, please visit NRA-ILA’s Election Center by clicking here.

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