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From The Editor | Media Spins High-Profile Self-Defense Shooting

From The Editor | Media Spins High-Profile Self-Defense Shooting

When a man knocked down the door of a Dallas apartment, then kicked in the bedroom door inside the apartment in the early morning hours of May 28, the resident who lived there shot and killed him.

It was a clear-cut case of armed self-defense. After all, what are your options if you are asleep in your own apartment at 3:20 a.m., and someone kicks in your front door and your bedroom door? Wouldn’t you believe your life was in danger and try to defend yourself the best way possible?

But if you saw the spin that some in the so-called “mainstream” media—who have a difficult time admitting that people ever use guns in legitimate self-defense—put on the story, you would get quite a different impression of what happened in that Dallas apartment building.

Here’s what really happened, according to police. The man who died went to Dallas to visit his girlfriend and celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. Trying to return to her apartment in the middle of the night, the man got off the elevator on the wrong floor. When he couldn’t get into the apartment he believed was his girlfriend’s, he got angry and kicked in the door. He then proceeded to the bedroom door and repeatedly kicked it, busting it open. That’s when the man who lived in the apartment shot him.Sure, the truth eventually came out in most of the news stories we read—several paragraphs down.

Sure, the truth eventually came out in most of the news stories we read—several paragraphs down. But the headlines were so misleading you would think you were reading about a completely different incident.

Consider these headlines:

“Pelicans guard Dejean-Jones shot and killed after accessing wrong Dallas apartment” — Fox News

“Pelicans' Dejean-Jones went to wrong apartment, shot”The Detroit News

“Agent—Pelicans’ Dejean-Jones in ‘wrong place’ when shot”Boston Herald

“Bryce Dejean-Jones, Pelicans guard, killed after entering wrong apartment”The Guardian

“NBA Player Bryce Dejean-Jones shot dead in Dallas”Washington Post

“NBA player Bryce Dejean-Jones shot to death” — Reuters

“Dejean-Jones was shot while visiting his daughter”The Des Moines Register

Yes, the home invader shot was New Orleans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones. And yes, those headlines, while vaguely accurate, are incredibly misleading. From “accessing” the wrong apartment, to “entering” the wrong apartment, to being in the “wrong place,” to “shot while visiting his daughter,” the headline writers seem to go out of their way to mislead readers about what actually happened.

This situation was tragic for both Dejean-Jones and the apartment resident. A man’s life was lost because of his criminal actions, and another man must live with the trauma of what happened to him in his own home that fateful night.

This episode also marks a sad day for those few Americans who still believe the so-called “mainstream” media will tell you the truth about any story involving law-abiding citizens using firearms for self-defense.

All of the news outlets mentioned above could have easily written the headline, “NBA Player Kicks Down Doors, Shot By Law-Abiding Gun Owner.” Instead, they chose to publish extremely misleading headlines—probably with the knowledge that most readers wouldn’t read past the headline and discover the truth further down in the story.

And that’s a shame.

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