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Week of Freedom | July 11 - July 16

Week of Freedom | July 11 - July 16

NRA Commentator Colion Noir sets the record straight in this contentious Week of Freedom.

Colion Noir: Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism: Colion Noir shines a light on politicians who fail to curb violence in inner cities.

Hillary’s Enemies List: Kimberly Corban: Rape survivor Kimberly Corban discusses what it’s like being named the enemy of a presidential hopeful.

On Guns, The AMA Claims To Speak For Doctors, But No One’s Joining: In the aftermath of Orlando, the American Medical Association rushes to remain relevant.

The Dangerous Disconnect In Gun Control: If the media were not biased, they’d identify violent criminals as the problem, not Americans and their rights.

Staging Your Draw: Whether familiar or not, “staging” the front half of your concealed draw has many potential advantages.

Armed Citizen® | Concealed Carriers: These concealed-carry holders took matters into their own hands when face-to-face with criminals.

Proof That Nailing Violent Gang Members Is Key To Reducing Homicides: By concentrating on criminals instead of citizens’ guns, homicides decrease in Detroit.

NRA Releases Powerful New Ads Featuring Millennial Women: Watch these young women speak their support of the Second Amendment.

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