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Hillary’s Enemies List: Sheriff Paul Babeu

Hillary’s Enemies List: Sheriff Paul Babeu

Photo credit: Jared Platt

In response to a Democratic presidential debate question on Oct. 13, 2015, Hillary Clinton put the 5 million members of the NRA at the top of the list of enemies she is most proud of.

This is unprecedented: On national television, a candidate for president of the United States named peaceable, law-abiding gun owners, who are simply trying to protect the Second Amendment, as her biggest enemies. She even listed NRA members ahead of Iran—the world’s largest sponsor of state terrorism. Drug cartels, Vladimir Putin, North Korea and ISIS terrorists didn’t even get a mention.

Clinton’s declaration made us wonder how NRA members feel about being recklessly declared her enemy. So we decided to ask them: How does it feel to be named Public Enemy Number 1 by Hillary Clinton?

Today we hear from Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu.

In January, I was invited by CNN's Anderson Cooper to participate in a town hall meeting with President Barack Obama regarding his executive action on gun control. I was the only law enforcement official selected to ask the president a question. I could not resist making a statement before my question. I told Obama to his face that, “I'm frustrated as a sheriff, but I don't make the laws—I enforce them. I've sworn an oath to uphold the constitution—the same path you took.” Then my question was simple: "What mass shooting would have been stopped by your executive actions?” He had no answer. I told him that the real problem is mental health and criminals—who never follow the law. 

When Hillary Clinton proudly said that we, NRA members, are public enemy number one, it didn’t surprise me since she and President Obama continue to ignore what is happening in America in order to push their own political agendas. 

Do they honestly feel that any criminal or someone who is mentally ill will obey an executive order made by them related to “gun control”?Our nation has seen several tragic attacks against innocent adults and children by criminals armed with guns. And many politicians, including Obama and Clinton, have used these tragic events as a means to push their agenda related to “gun control.” 

America has seen an even higher number of our citizens killed by impaired drivers involved in automobile collisions. Why are they not seeking to remove vehicles from our roadways? It’s because they realize it’s the drivers who are at fault, not the vehicle they were driving. This same analogy holds true with these shootings—it’s not the gun that’s at fault, but the criminals who use them. Do they honestly feel that any criminal or someone who is mentally ill will obey an executive order made by them related to “gun control”?

Undoubtedly, Clinton has intentions to further restrict gun ownership, and she continues to make misleading and false statements. She has said gun violence in America claims the lives of “33,000 people a year.” But in 2014, there were 21,333 firearm suicides, 586 accidental gun deaths and 8,123 gun murders. Clinton gets to the 33,000 numbers by adding in the roughly 3,000 justifiable homicides by police and civilians. Conveniently, she fails to mention in any of her speeches that 71 percent of 30,044 firearm-related deaths in 2014 were the result of suicide. Or that more than 90 percent of blacks killed with guns were, in fact, killed by other blacks. 

I have sworn a solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America when I was first sworn in as an Army private, then as an Army officer, later as a police officer, and now twice as a constitutionally elected sheriff. Obama and Clinton have taken the same oath; therefore, I am gravely alarmed—just as most Americans are—that they would attempt to circumvent the Constitution of the United States.The most important office in our republic is that of a private citizen.

The most important office in our republic is that of a private citizen. Neither Obama nor Clinton are dictators, kings or queens who can act unilaterally and ignore the legislative process of making laws. All elected leaders are empowered as trustees of the people we are elected to serve. We are given designated and limited powers. Obama’s and Clinton’s actions and quest for unconstitutional power threaten the future of our sacred Republic and the liberty we all hold so dear. 

Under the leadership of Obama and Clinton during “Operation Fast and Furious,” our own government facilitated and approved the transfer of more than 2,000 firearms to the Mexican drug cartels, with whom the Mexican government is at war, and as a result over 60,000 people have been killed. Those same weapons have made their way back into the United States and have been used to kill and injure our citizens and members of law enforcement, yet now they threaten to use an executive order to take away the Second Amendment rights of our citizens?

As citizens we must fight back against their attempt to carry out their executive actions on gun control, as such actions will hinder the ability of good citizens to defend and protect themselves and others against those who wish to cause them harm through the use of deadly force. Their gun-control actions would turn many good citizens, who wish to maintain their God-given constitutional right to bear arms, into criminals.

I have already sent President Obama a letter notifying him that any “law” or regulation created by an executive order by the president, that is contrary to what the Constitution of the United States of America says, shall be deemed as unlawful and shall not be carried out by myself or my office.

Former President Ronald Reagan said it best: “The right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive.”

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