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Covering Up Good Guys With Guns

Covering Up Good Guys With Guns

How far will the so-called “mainstream” media go to cover up times when a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun? A recent incident in which an armed citizen stopped a mass shooting at a South Carolina nightclub has answered that question for us.

Here’s the story. 

A number of patrons of a nightclub in Lyman, S.C., were standing outside the club early last Sunday morning when a man got into an argument with another man. According to deputies with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, the man pulled out a gun and began firing into the crowd, hitting three people. 

Before any more damage could be done, a lawful concealed-carry permit holder drew his handgun and shot the attacker, ending the attack.

Not only was this a clear case of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun, it was an example of a concealed-carry permit holder using his legally owned handgun to stop a mass shooting and save lives. But we’ll never know if the alphabet news networks saw it that way.  

If you’re standing in a crowd and a man begins shooting at you, it’s doubtful you care what his reason is.While national networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and CNBC gave pages and hours of coverage to the Orlando nightclub terror attack where 49 people were killed, at the time of this writing—five days after the shooting—a search of their websites showed that not one had given any coverage at all to this nightclub shooting, where the armed citizen saved the day. 

Snopes.com even went so far as to try to “debunk” the story—although the website had to admit the facts as reported were actually true. That didn’t stop the Snopes folks from trying to spin the story to fit their narrative.

“Based on this somewhat skimpy account, it sounds as though a gun owner with a legal carry permit may have been instrumental in stopping a shooter from injuring more (and possibly killing some) victims,” Snopes hedged. “However, this incident as described doesn’t fit the template for a ‘mass shooting,’ which typically involves one or more gunmen deliberately setting out to indiscriminately kill multiple randomly selected victims.”

What a thin slice of boloney that is. If you are standing in a crowd minding your own business and a man begins shooting at you, it’s doubtful you care what his reasoning is. And it’s a sure bet that you’d be glad a fellow citizen in the crowd stopped the attack before you and others were killed.

If you’re looking for the moral of this story, here goes: Good guys with guns do stop bad guys with guns—even mass shooters. But when it happens, the so-called “mainstream” media can’t be counted on to tell you about it because it doesn’t fit their anti-gun agenda.

And that’s shameful.

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