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A Week Of Freedom | August 15 - August 20, 2016

A Week Of Freedom | August 15 - August 20, 2016

We shine the light of truth on the half-baked schemes of gun-ban advocates in this Week of Freedom.

Nevada Governor Joins Sheriffs In Opposing Question 1: Opposition to the Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun ballot initiative in Nevada continues to grow.

Hillary’s Enemies List: Julie Golob: Julie Golob answers the question, “How does it feel to be named Public Enemy Number 1 by Hillary Clinton?”

Democrats Join Massachusetts Attorney General’s Gun-Ban Charade: Democrats join the ban-guns cheering section ... not just in Massachusetts, but also nationwide.

The Effort To Stop California’s “Gunmageddon”: California gun owners are seeking to overturn seven new gun laws that target the law-abiding.

When Is A Physician’s Advice Hazardous To Your Health?: Cam Edwards explores the proposal by a medical doctor to make it nearly impossible for Americans to own firearms.

Exercise Your Freedom | Sanctuary Revisited: It’s an ugly fact that we aren’t always safe in church. Chuck Chadwick does something about it.

The Armed Citizen® | Bakeries: Four stories of armed bakers defending themselves, their families and their livelihoods.

How Anti-Gunners Abuse Voter Initiatives: Frank Miniter explores how anti-gunners use ballot initiatives to push an agenda they can’t get through Congress.

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