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Missouri Governor’s Veto Runs Into A Freedom-Loving Legislature

Missouri Governor’s Veto Runs Into A Freedom-Loving Legislature

The Missouri General Assembly’s override of Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of an important pro-gun self-defense measure is a true victory for law-abiding gun owners and all residents of the Show Me State.

But you wouldn’t know it if you get your news from so-called “mainstream” media sources like The New York Times.

First, some background.

On Wednesday, the General Assembly voted to override Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 656. The new law will allow anyone legally allowed to possess a firearm to carry that firearm, while also maintaining the current permit system. In addition, the bill:

  • Expands Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground protections;
  • Adds additional permit options to include extended and lifetime permits;
  • Specifies that with the exception of credit card fees, no additional fee beyond $100 may be charged to process concealed carry permits; and
  • Allows members of the military extra time to renew their permits.

Those are all good things, of course. That’s why the bill passed earlier this year with overwhelming support.

But next came Nixon’s veto of the bill. And then as override efforts grew, billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg swept into the Show Me State, with his astroturf groups and big bucks pushing to halt the override. NRA countered with a grassroots effort led by Missouri gun owners, hunters and others interested in expanding liberty.In the end, freedom won. And that was something that The New York Times just couldn’t quietly accept.

In the end, freedom won. And that was something that The New York Times just couldn’t quietly accept. In an op-ed hysterically titled, “Missouri: The Shoot-Me State,” the Times editorial board called the veto override “an alarming victory for the gun lobby,” and declared that it “provides further evidence that gun safety cannot be left to state lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby.”

Of course, the Times and other national media outlets have always liked to warn that any expansion of Second Amendment rights will cause “Wild West shootouts” and “blood running in the streets.” They did so when the movement for concealed carry first began in Florida decades ago, and since then violent crime has dropped precipitously. Now they warn of equally ominous possibilities with this new Missouri law.

In fact, Missouri joins several other states that have deregulated the concealed carry process, allowing citizens to practice their Second Amendment rights without jumping through hoops and paying the government a fee to do so. And none of those states are seeing an increase in violence as a result.

Truth is, the override of the veto will go a long way toward making all Missourians safer, not putting them in danger. After all, violent criminals already carry firearms anywhere and everywhere they want without a permit. Why shouldn’t law-abiding Missouri residents have the same opportunity to do so for defense of themselves and their families?

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox put it best when summing up the successful veto override: “This is a great day for freedom in Missouri. The legislature stood strong for the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens by overriding Gov. Nixon's misguided veto. Despite the best efforts of Michael Bloomberg and out-of-state gun control groups to defeat the override vote, their agenda was rejected.”

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