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Chatterday | Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chatterday | Saturday, September 24, 2016

A collection of quotes from this week’s Tower of 2A Babble.

“We’re also very very lucky that the attackers tried to use explosives rather than guns.”—Tweet by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, trying to turn a series of bombings in New York and New Jersey into an excuse to ban guns.

“There is almost no self-defense in Australia.”—Filip Despotoski of Australia’s Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, in a feature on rising violent crime Down Under

“By all accounts, Falconer is a good guy and his heroics saved lives. What made him effective, however is that he’s an expert guy.”—Bloomberg.com finally admitting a good guy with a gun saved people, but claiming others likely could not.

“I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t.”—Ultra-arrogant Birmingham, Ala., Housing Authority head Michael Lundy in announcing his plans to disarm law-abiding residents, which won’t affect armed, violent criminals at all. 

“It would needlessly damage hundreds of years of tradition and would do nothing to make us safer. If this was law right now, I would have been in violation three times this month and close to a dozen times this year alone.” —Aroostook County, Maine, Sheriff Darrell Crandall in voicing his opposition to Question 3, the anti-gun ballot initiative. 

“Unedited audio recording of the exchange reveals that, in reality, Couric expressly acknowledged that the VCDL members had an answer, and the VCDL members had not been stumped but had immediately begun explaining the basis for their position on background checks.”—From the court complaint in which the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) and two Second Amendment activists are suing Katie Couric for $12 million for defamation regarding her “Under the Gun” mockumentary.

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