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A Week Of Freedom | January 9-13, 2017

A Week Of Freedom | January 9-13, 2017

Photo credit: Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

The spotlight is on U.S. Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions in this high-ranking Week of Freedom.

Why We Need Sen. Jeff Sessions As U.S. Attorney General: Gun owners need to rally around Jeff Sessions by contacting their U.S. senators and asking them to support his confirmation.

Gun Sales Boomed In 2016, So What’s To Come?: Frank Miniter looks at 2016’s record gun sales and what the future might hold.

Lessons From Israel: Secure Borders: NRA News correspondent and frequent A1F Daily contributor Chuck Holton looks at the continued unrest in Israel and what the Trump administration might be able to learn from that country.

The Empty Thinking Following Ft. Lauderdale: NRA News Host Cam Edwards details how gun-ban advocates are using the tragedy in Ft. Lauderdale to push for more restrictive gun laws—just as described in their tragedy playbook.

Exercise Your Freedom | Shoot Those “Quals”: Lots of reasons to shoot formal qualifications courses; getting better is just the first …

Will California Bury Gun Owners With A Bullet Button Ban?: California tries to expand “bullet button” gun ban with 11th-hour, no-public-comment regulations.

Unlocking Freedom: 4 More States Considering “Permitless” Carry Measures: New Hampshire, North Dakota, Kentucky and New Mexico are considering “permitless” concealed-carry legislation this session.

Carry Life | Choosing A Carry Handgun: A lot more than you might think goes into choosing a carry pistol for the long term.

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