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Chatterday | January 14, 2017

Chatterday | January 14, 2017

A collection of quotes from this week's Tower of 2A Babble. 

 “@NRA pushing dangerous silencer agenda: ‘If you can't hear the gun shots, how do you know a shooter is coming?’” — Shannon Watts, head of Bloomberg’s Demanding Moms, proving she knows nothing about suppressors or the suppressor legislation currently under consideration in Congress. 

“Military-style weapons are designed for killing people. These weapons have no place in civilian use.” — Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, telling typical anti-gun lies about popular and common sporting rifles that are a favorite of American shooters.  

“Guns exist for the sole purpose of killing …”Igor Volsky and Mark Glaze in USA Today, where they failed to explain the 265 million guns, in their estimate, that haven’t been used to kill anyone.  

“I think it (the Supreme Court) is one of the reasons I got elected. I think the people of this country did not want to see what was happening with the Supreme Court, so I think it was a very, very big decision as to why I was elected.” — President-elect Donald Trump, explaining that he intends to nominate a Supreme Court justice within a few weeks of his inauguration.  

“I do believe the Second Amendment is a personal right, it’s a historic right of the American people … It’s just as much a part of the Constitution as any of the other great rights and liberties that we value.” — U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Trumps’ attorney general nominee, speaking at a Senate confirmation hearing.

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